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Fiber-To-The-Home Top 100

Horizon named on Broadband Communities magazine Top 100 list of fiber-to-the-home leaders and innovators for 2022

2022 Fiber-To-The-Home Top 100 (bbcmag.com)



Key Products: Internet, Ethernet, hosted voice, cloud express, dark fiber, wavelength, data center connectivity services

Summary: Horizon is a facilities-based fiber optic broadband service provider based in Ohio with expanding services across the Midwest. The company has announced or begun FTTH buildouts in several Ohio markets, including Greenfield, Washington Court House, Lancaster, Zanesville, Athens, Logan, Johnstown, and Hillsboro – and more are on the way. Operating 5,500-plus route miles of fiber, Horizon provides high-quality, flexible connectivity solutions to residential, small to large enterprise and wholesale carrier customers. The company’s extensive network offers high-speed Ethernet, dedicated internet access, hosted voice and UCaaS, dark fiber, wavelength and data center connectivity services. In 2022, the company was awarded two broadband projects by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and the Broadband Expansions Authority to reduce the digital divide in rural Ohio. This is also the year Horizon selected the ADTRAN 10G fiber access platform and intelligent SaaS software to build a new fiber network throughout several communities in Ohio. Horizon is devoted to connecting its customers to their worlds with cutting-edge technology.

Selection Criteria

In selecting the FTTH Top 100, the editors looked for organizations that advance the cause of fiber-based broadband by

  • Deploying networks that are large or ambitious, have innovative business plans, or are intended to transform local economies or improve communities’ quality of life
  • Supplying key hardware, software or services to deployers
  • Introducing innovative technologies with game-changing potential, even if they have not yet been commercially deployed
  • Providing critical conditions for fiber builds, such as advocacy or demand aggregation

To be listed among the FTTH Top 100, an organization may be based anywhere in the world but must do business in North America. Except for broadband service providers, which inherently are local, we give preference to organizations that serve national rather than local markets. Overall size is unimportant, as is corporate form – in addition to for-profit companies, the list includes municipalities, a telephone cooperative, an electric cooperative and a nonprofit research organization.

Although some organizations on the list focus entirely on fiber to the premises (FTTP) or other fiber-based broadband technologies, most deliver or support a mix of broadband technologies. For some, broadband represents only a tiny part of their business. In making these selections, the editors considered how vital the organizations are to advancing fiber broadband rather than how important broadband is to them.

See the entire list 2022 Fiber-To-The-Home Top 100 (bbcmag.com)

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