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Accounting Firm Selects DIA for Fast, Reliable Internet

Horizon Wins – October 2023 – Today, Horizon announces that an accounting firm has chosen its DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) solutions to improve its network coverage and support its operations on behalf of customers.

Despite the importance of robust internet connectivity and strong networking capabilities for nearly all facets of today’s digital businesses, it’s not uncommon for organizations to find that they can’t attain proper coverage. Gaps in network coverage can leave businesses without proper connectivity, and these digital divides can spell disaster. Fortunately, when this accounting firm realized that networking options were limited in its location, it reached out to Horizon to procure dedicated access.

Horizon’s 6,000 mile fiber network was within reach of the accounting firm, and it offered better options for connectivity than other competitors in the region. So, the accounting firm selected 60 months of 100Mbps DIA to support its business operations. This dedicated connectivity delivers strong advantages compared to shared connections, offering greater security (perfect for an organization that handles private financial data), faster speeds, more reliability and a range of other benefits.

Today, this accounting firm and its customers are set up for success with ideal network connectivity that suits its needs for today and its goals for tomorrow.

“An accounting firm like this one knows that it needs to keep customer information safe while still getting access to fast, reliable connectivity. Digital business and customer service requirements necessitate great networking and connectivity, and we were thrilled to help this business get the results it was looking for,” states Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon.

Check out Horizon’s network map to learn more about its coverage and how it can meet customers where they are.


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