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ACES Power Marketing Utilizes Horizon’s Business-Class Dedicated Internet Access to Boost Growth in Indianapolis

Horizon Wins – November, 2022 – Horizon proudly announces that ACES Power Marketing, a nationwide energy management and grid monitoring company, has selected its DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) service to empower its growth in Indianapolis.

As a company that seeks to partner with members and customers to provide comprehensive value-added services and help manage their risk, ACES strives to serve as the trusted partner and leader across a broad spectrum of energy providers. To underscore this mission, the company is continually looking to expand its service area and reach new customers — and growing its foundational network and connectivity is key to that expansion.

To ensure its connectivity was robust as it grew its footprint in the key metro of Indianapolis, ACES trusted Horizon’s 30MB DIA, which delivers readily-available fiber — plus Horizon’s signature trusted customer care. This meant that ACES could not only leverage the faster speeds, enhanced security, greater predictability and performance delivered by the dedicated fiber, but Horizon’s ultra-responsive team as well. This strong relationship delivers flexibility to help ACES grow in a tailored way to suit their business goals with robust fiber network capabilities.

“ACES is one of those companies where it’s clear that our business values just align — and that makes them a great customer to serve. We know that they want the best for their customers and members, which is exactly what we want. The result is a harmonious, highly strategic partnership that offers them the rich connectivity they need to position them for even greater success in their desired market,” comments Glenn Lytle, CRO for Horizon.

To learn more about Horizon DIA service, click here.

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