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Advertising and Graphic Design Company Gets Combo of Fast and Reliable Networking

Horizon Wins – February 2024 – Today, Horizon proudly announces another organization has selected its reliable, fast, secure Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solution to ameliorate existing network challenges and build an optimized digital business future.

When this Mansfield, Ohio-based advertising and graphic design company was seeking improved performance, speed and reliability, it knew it was time to leave its current provider in search of a new network partner. After all, having reliable and high-speed connectivity on board is crucial for any business that operates online or wants to deliver exceptional customer experiences. In situations like these, DIA becomes a clear choice due to its ability to deliver stable, robust access with added security. This added control over network performance is made even better by DIA’s ability to deliver fast speeds that support even the most advanced applications.

So, when this advertising and graphic design company found Horizon’s local footprint, dedication to services excellence and deep knowledge of the business’s region, it knew it found a trusted network partner. The company selected 500Mbps of DIA for 60 months, laying powerful foundations for enhanced online services, better connectivity and smoother operations (plus improved customer experiences).

When compared to broadband, DIA serves customers in a few unique ways. With symmetrical upload and download speeds, applications run more smoothly and business operations can be free of interruptions — plus large file uploads are made easier and faster compared to shared connectivity. Plus, DIA comes with Service Level Agreements that guarantee performance to keep businesses moving and offer faster troubleshooting, keeping organizations on track.

“When technical results and fast connectivity are key, as they often are, DIA is a fantastic ally. However, it’s not just the connectivity itself that makes the difference, it’s the provider that offers it. That’s where Horizon is proud to excel,” notes Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “Not every network or service provider can meet the expectations or service excellence demands of digital businesses, but we make it our mission to properly connect and enable every customer. We were proud to help this advertising and graphic design company take its services to the next level.”

To learn more about DIA’s distinct advantages, visit Horizon’s service page for more information.


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