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Benefits of Buying Local (Small Biz Saturday tie-in)

Five Reasons to Buy Local

We’ve all heard the phrases: “Shop small.” “Buy local.” We know it’s important to support business owners in our area—but what good does it actually do?

As Small Business Saturday approaches, we thought we’d share with you the top five ways shopping small can improve our community right here in Chillicothe.

Benefits of Buying Local

  1. It creates new jobs and more opportunity

Supporting small businesses enable them to hire more people. And this creation of new opportunities tends to attract talented professionals and other entrepreneurs to the area—beginning a wonderful cycle of growth that benefits everyone.

  1. It stimulates the local economy

When you shop small, you keep your money circulating in the community. That creates a stronger tax base that can fund improvements to public infrastructure, like schools, public transit, and more.

  1. It helps those in need

Local business owners are more invested in our community than big-box stores, making them more likely to give back in meaningful ways. In fact, small businesses donate 250% more1 to local nonprofits and community causes than large retailers.

  1. It’s great for the environment

According to the National Resource Defense Council, buying local helps reduce pollution, improving air quality and our health. The goods you purchase from large companies need to get here somehow—so buying local is simply a greener choice!

  1. It gives our community more choice

When we make it a habit of supporting small businesses, we make it possible for them to invest in more products. That means we have more options here at home, instead of having to travel to a larger city or shop online.

As a local business ourselves, Horizon is proud to have strong roots in Chillicothe, and we are dedicated to building a stronger, more connected future for the community where we live and work.

To learn more about our services, contact us or give our friendly team a call at 740-772-8200. We’d love to hear from you!

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