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Beyond the Horizon with Glenn Lytle: How Dense Fiber is Changing the World

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In September’s installment of Beyond the Horizon, Glenn takes a deep dive into fiber densification and why technology and government leaders should invest in fiber networks to help close the digital divide and drive innovation to their businesses and communities.

Some key take-aways include:

  • Identifying the pressing needs coming from local businesses and municipalities
  • The importance of fiber broadband access for commercial real-estate, business development, and community growth
  • The strive for innovation increases the need for fiber: automation, internet-of-things, telemedicine
  • Work-from-home benefits of employers has equaled a need for residential high-speed, quality internet
  • “Small town America” has a critical need to densify the rural networks in order to keep people in the community or attract people back to the community.
  • Infrastructure needs for under-served broadband areas now that we’re living in a “broadband world”
  • Densification is needed for growth in cities and regions – the role the government and municipalities need to play to aid in these efforts
  • Service provider competition is good for the user


  • David Scheffler, Mayor of the City of Lancaster, OH
  • Ryan McCowan, CTO Americas and AVP Portfolio Strategy at Adtran
  • Taylor Stepp, Project Manager for Ohio Southeast Economic Development
  • Brian Riley, Senior Vice President of FTTP for Horizon


  • Glenn Lytle, Chief Revenue Officer for Horizon

Original webinar was held on Thursday, September 15, 2022 at 1:00 pm EST

Beyond the Horizon: Dense Fiber image

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