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Bridge Park Accomplishes Multi-Business Networking Leap with Dedicated Internet Access

Horizon Wins – March 2024 – At the heart of every community is an ability to come together, connect and collaborate. As life becomes more digital and organizations of all types seek to deliver enhanced online experiences to the communities where they’re located, leveraging next-generation networking has become a foundational asset for community development. So, when three businesses in Bridge Park, an up-and-coming area of Dublin, Ohio’s — a restaurant and hospitality group, a financial services firm and an engineering consultant — realized their needs for fast, reliable, secure connectivity, Horizon was proud to serve as a partner of choice.   

From multi-location businesses that need to achieve robust data mobility across their footprints to organizations that rely on ultra-fast networking to provide seamless customer service and internal operations, DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) is an ideal connectivity strategy. Fast speeds, secure connections and reliable bandwidth are the pillars of modern online business, enabling digital platforms to deliver the right services at the right time, allowing business teams to collaborate seamlessly at a distance — and much more.   

Multiple businesses (some with multiple locations) across the Bridge Park area sought a network partner that could deliver solutions capable of supporting new digital business initiatives and meet expectations for operational efficiency. All three realized that Horizon, in addition to its reputation for delivering high-touch, expert customer care, already had fiber in the area. This presented the opportunity to quickly and easily leverage advanced networking services backed by accessible, local teams and deep, region-specific technical experience. Horizon was able to bring all three businesses onto its network and supply DIA services in a timely manner, positioning the organizations for digital growth and success. For financial services and engineering consulting, DIA’s added security keeps sensitive and proprietary data safe. Meanwhile, for hospitality groups, fast and reliable connections keep digital applications, resources and customer experiences moving slowly. For any organization, this caliber of connectivity is key to success.   

Horizon’s DIA solutions are delivered over a 100% state-of-the-art fiber optic network and supported by a 24/7/365 NOC located in Columbus, Ohio. These DIA services help businesses increase productivity, remain flexible in the face of new requirements, leverage reliable and stable, SLA-supported connectivity, enhance collaboration and mobility and deliver dependable scalability for the future. With DIA’s private connections, businesses at the heart of communities in the region don’t have to worry about their operations suffering or customer experiences lacking due to shared connectivity or other network customers’ peak usage times. Instead, pure, fast fiber connectivity paves the way not just for business growth, but for thriving local communities.    

“Local businesses make up the vital framework of this country, especially in areas like Bridge Park,” notes Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “Across the Midwest and beyond, more organizations are recognizing the importance of stable, fast, reliable connectivity, and we couldn’t be prouder to serve as a trusted partner to businesses like these.”   

To learn more about how DIA can assist community development, take a look at this case study with the City of Heath. 


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