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Building Better Resilience: Addressing the New Cybersecurity Landscape

Conversations around network security and protecting against digital threats are rarely fun. After all, nobody likes to think about the dangerous ‘what ifs’ or the damaging repercussions that can come with a security breach. However, there’s a reason these discussions are always ongoing, and it’s because the landscape of threats is always evolving and changing.

When we think of security breaches, we always think of the big guys — the globally recognized players that get taken offline for some time or have digital information assets stolen and put users at risk. Either that, or we might trick ourselves into thinking that only industries that deal with sensitive, personal data like healthcare or government need to be so careful with keeping their protective mechanisms up to date. However, threat is never limited to a certain size or vertical — everyone who plays in the digital space assumes risk, and they need to be assuming responsibility to match.

So, what is today’s current cybersecurity landscape like, and where does that put us in terms of keeping networks and the data they carry out of the hands of bad actors?

The New (or Growing) Security Concerns 

Advancements across the technological ecosystems are bringing the world to new heights of possibility, but unfortunately, with those opportunities for progress and innovation also come new ways to use advanced technologies for evil. For example, let’s take a look at one of the major players dominating the tech scene right now: AI.

AI applications like ChatGPT have exploded onto the scene and been hailed for their ability to help with, well, nearly anything a human thinks to ask them to. From answering simple questions to assisting with advanced content creation or even code writing, AI can seemingly do it all. Unfortunately, these applications also have the potential to assist hackers in creating more nuanced, sophisticated attack strategies. Some have even gone so far as to say that AI is heralding a ‘new future of hacking.’ Even Forbes is putting AI-assisted advanced hacking on the map for 2023’s top concerns and security trends.

Other items on this list of top cybersecurity considerations include the ongoing transition to work-from-home organizational structures and the related extension of business networks. When the end point of the network goes from a secured on-site business network to a who-knows-where wi-fi network, extra protocols are needed to ensure that anyone accessing sensitive business information is doing so privately and securely. This extension of the business network even covers the rise in medical wearables that feed patient data into healthcare systems. As more devices are connected into the network, more attack vectors are created as well.

It goes without saying that this is only a small snapshot of all the diverse factors contributing to today’s evolving cybersecurity landscape. Still, it doesn’t take a lot of investigating to see the big picture: Security has never been more important, and network protection must be more comprehensive than ever to suit our forward march into a hyper-connected, ultra-mobile world.

Cybersecurity and Network Protection Must-Haves 

Fortunately for today’s organizations, cybersecurity solutions are just as plentiful and diverse as the threats they protect against. Of course, building security right into network foundations is the safest place to start, and options like dark fiber or Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) are perfect for upping your security factor due to their private nature. These network solutions help keep connections separated from other organizations, which means greater privacy — plus their high-availability, highly reliable service helps keep organizations moving. For an added layer of security agility, many organizations are looking into tools like SD-WAN as well, which helps security management protocols be more easily updated across the entire business network from one central interface. You can learn more about that here.

Not to mention, having trusted expertise and true partnership (with around-the-clock care and monitoring) on your side is key for staying ahead of anything and everything that emerges. That’s what we pride ourselves on here at Horizon: Delivering robust, secure, reliable connectivity and networking solutions — and then going above and beyond to help our customers always feel secure and taken care of. That’s why Horizon is trusted by hospitals, government organizations, universities and academic institutions and enterprises alike.

To learn more about how our fiber foundations can help keep your organization ahead of cybersecurity needs, reach out to us here.


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