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Horizon 6,000+ miles of fiber-optic network connects Ohio government agencies, businesses, schools, nonprofits, financial institutions and healthcare facilities with high-quality, highly reliable internet and unified communications services.

  • For a nonprofit organization that provides healthy living social programs to local neighborhoods, Horizon’s ability to provide large bandwidth and reliable performance was just the solution the YMCA needed to keep their in-need communities connected in the midst of a pandemic.

    With Horizon’s fiber-optic connectivity, the YMCA of Central Ohio was able to provide Learning Extension Centers, STEM opportunities through eSports and virtual classes, and provide necessary online resources for students.

    “We are grateful for this partnership with Horizon, which allows us to significantly improve our YMCA’s WiFi experience and access as we serve our communities through various virtual programs and platforms.” – Tony Collins, YMCA of Central Ohio CEO

    Click here to read our case study about how we helped the YMCA solve their bandwidth connectivity needs for a dozen Central Ohio locations.

  • OME-RESA, one of the Information Technology Centers (ITC) of the Ohio Education Computer Network, today serves approximately 55 school districts and related agencies in its region. The organization empowers innovation and technological opportunity to K-12 public, private and charter schools, and its work remains instrumental to ensuring students and administrators have the tools they need to keep pace with an evolving digital world.

    Providing the very best, most reliable and high-speed connectivity is at the core of OME-RESA’s work, which is why for the past 15 years, it has trusted Horizon as its partner as it extends its services and solutions to a growing number of communities and schools.

    “Aside from the vast array of benefits we get from Horizon’s local, customized partnership, it’s really the culture that makes our collaboration exceptional. These are people that live in our area and that understand our situation. We enjoy a hometown feel from Horizon, and their team visits us, keeps us in the loop, and is very accessible. The communication is next-level, which makes the network deployments that much better, and we’re simply not kept up at night with the troubles we used to have anymore,” comments Adam Truex, Executive Director of OME-RESA. “We look forward to helping all of our districts benefit from Horizon’s level of service. We wouldn’t want to be partnering with anyone else.”

    Click here to read our case study about how our solutions are the ideal match for OME-RESA’s expansion goals and dedication to supporting educational success throughout Ohio.

  • Metal Masters, Inc., a local company in Dover, Ohio, is committed to upholding its standards of superior service and professional results on behalf of customers across the region.

    So, when the company found that its legacy phone system was holding operations and customer service back, they knew they needed a new, robust solution from a trusted partner.

    “The value of Horizon’s solutions was apparent from day one, and it changed the way our company is able to operate, making it better able to react and cater to customer requirements,” comments Bret Kettlewell, CFO of Metal Masters.

    Click here to read the case study and learn more about how Horizon supports Metal Masters with DIA and Hosted Voice solutions.

  • ICS Technology Group, a full-service technology company and wireless service provider, is committed to delivering the most robust, reliable solutions for customers — all while building strong relationships.

    In order to grow its footprint rapidly and extend its dedicated service style and technology to a growing number of customers in the region, ICS needed faster, more secure and reliable connections alongside enhanced bandwidth efficiency.

    “Working with Horizon to provide enhanced fiber networking and wireless service has been a great experience all around … Horizon is one of those companies where, from the top down, they own it and make it happen – and that makes us ideally positioned to deliver on our promise of technological empowerment to our current and future customers.” – Curtis Davis, CEO and Managing Member, ICS Technology Group

    Read our case study to learn how Horizon helped ICS offer an even more extensive regional network in southern and eastern Ohio with E-Line Ethernet and Dark Fiber solutions.

  • Granville Township Fire Department (GTFD) is recognized as one of the top fire departments in the country. The ability to receive and respond to emergency alerts is crucial in maintaining their high standard of excellence.

    As the online services and digital demands of the community have increased, GTFD recognized that in order to keep pace, they’d need to evolve their network to meet such operational standards.

    “In firefighting, being able to communicate and act quickly is the difference between a quick recovery and a disaster. No fire department can afford to be held back by its network — That’s why I knew Horizon had to be our choice,” states Casey Curtis, Granville Township Fire Chief. “Their reputation for community commitment and service excellence mirrors ours, and their networking solutions are highly powerful while remaining cost effective. Now, our department and our communities have a foundation that we can depend on.”

    Click here to read our case study about how Horizon helped to solve Granville Township Fire Department networking security and speed concerns.

  • One Columbus is the economic development organization of the 11-county Columbus region, aligns with local and state partners to serve as the business location resource for companies across Central Ohio and around the world.

    The demands for IT needs are evolving and as One Columbus grew in size, scope and accomplishment, the need for faster and more reliable networking became a pressing challenge.

    Click here to read our case study on how Horizon helped One Columbus setup their connectivity for the demands of tomorrow.

  • The City of Heath is a family-friendly community that’s primed for growth. This city on the rise wanted to ensure a robust infrastructure that was capable of meeting the needs of its expanding businesses and families.

    The local government faced a need to interconnect and increase bandwidth for 8 municipal locations including City Hall, the Water Department, and Fire Stations. In stepped Horizon with their Dedicated Internet Solution.

    Click here to read our case study about how we helped the City of Heath solve their bandwidth connectivity needs.

  • The Southern Ohio Health Care Network (SOHCN), a collaborative of rural healthcare providers, serves more than 350 healthcare facilities operated by 18 different healthcare providers in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. Authorized by the FCC, SOHCN supports quality care and telehealth and leverages purchasing power resulting in advantageous pricing and strong service level agreements.

    Expanding fiber broadband is crucial to ensuring the viability of SOHCN’s services and growing footprint. In 2021, SOHCN renewed its Master Service Agreement with Horizon, which originated in 2009, to continue leveraging Horizon’s industry-leading Metro Ethernet services, that deliver high levels of redundancy and diversity throughout the network.

    Click here to read our case study about how SOHCN members solve their connectivity needs using Horizon’s Ethernet solution.

  • For a healthcare provider with offices scattered across a large geographic region, the potential of a fiber-optic network that would connect all its offices and allow them to share medical records was the solution Hopewell had been looking for.

    The fiber-optic network that Horizon connected to Hopewell Health Centers’ offices bumped data transfer rates up from 5 megabits per second (Mbps) to 100 Mbps. That allows the 15 clinics to not only meet the original goal of network-wide record sharing but also to generally make their operations run smoother.

    Thanks to the fiber network, Hopewell Health Centers’ operations have taken advantage of voice over IP phone service, used video conferencing and even offered more healthcare services to more people.

    “With video conferencing, we can offer more mental health counseling to our patients because they can connect with psychologists and psychiatrists who have offices further away. We’ve been able to open new offices without having to worry about our time being eaten up by tech issues. Our people can just focus on their jobs. And we’re getting better service at less cost than we were before.

    They understand our challenges. It’s a refreshing change from when you usually have to speak with service providers who are outside the region, live elsewhere and just don’t get it. Now when Hopewell considers a new office, it gets Horizon involved at step one.” – Mark Bridenbaugh, CEO of Hopewell Health Centers

    Click here to read our case study about how we helped Hopewell Centers with their healthcare networking solutions and rural multi-location needs.


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