Fiber and networking solutions for secure and reliable digital education technology

As schools, universities, libraries and educational institutions continue to move towards online platforms, robust internet service is no longer a want — it is a critical need. Horizon has decades of experience working with both K-12 school districts and higher education institutions.

  • High-speed broadband internet
  • Secure, private connections
  • Fast access to educational resources
  • Reliable connections for online teaching
  • Custom solutions for schools 24/7/365 local network support
  • Horizon’s experience is ideally suited for challenges that face educational institutions, including K-12 school network design and solutions. We are focused on requirements for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity, as well as the need for dedicated IP addresses to help manage network efficiency and speed.

    “Horizon’s network infrastructure is exceptional and has provided 99% + network uptime to our 56 school districts (which totals over 60,000 students) that rely heavily on the internet to support their district operations. Horizon, unlike the other national “too big to fail” telecom providers, is a true partner of our organization and strives to assist OME-RESA in achieving its strategic objectives. Horizon’s support, sales, and engineering teams are phenomenal to work with and are always responsive to our everyday needs.” – Adam T., OME-RESA

    Horizon’s network solutions are reliable, secure and scalable. Your bandwidth will be able to grow so that capacity stays ahead of demand.

    While Horizon customizes the network for each partner’s needs, the same great deliverables come with every configured network:

    A university in Steubenville, Ohio selected Horizon as their E-Line Ethernet provider with a 10 Gigabit circuit. The 10 Gbps connection helps to future proof the network, as the university has seen dramatic increases in bandwidth — along with many other modern higher education institutions. Horizon provides more network reliability with a protected backbone, which was also a key focus of the university.

  • Horizon is an E-Rate authorized service provider. As an E-Rate partner, Horizon is helping close the digital education divide. We understand the challenges facing K-12 schools and libraries, and we work with you to determine the best network solution within your unique budget.

    Eligible schools and libraries may receive discounts on telecommunications, telecommunications services and Internet access, as well as internal connections, managed internal broadband services and basic maintenance of internal connections.

    The Federal Communication Commission (FCC’s) E-Rate program makes telecommunications and information services more affordable for schools and libraries. With funding from the Universal Service Fund, E-Rate provides discounts up to 90 percent for telecommunications, Internet access and internal connections to eligible schools and libraries.

    The ongoing adaptation of innovative digital learning technologies and the need to connect students, teachers and consumers to jobs, life-long learning and information has led to a steady rise in demand for bandwidth in schools and libraries.

    The E-Rate program began 24 years ago and has evolved to keep pace with the need for increased broadband access for underserved students, especially those in rural areas. The mandate has also expanded to include the purchase and distribution of internet hotspots, expanded Wi-Fi access on library grounds and Wi-Fi “on the go” with technology-equipped mobile units, including school buses.

    Learn more about the E-Rate program here:

  • Horizon’s E-Rate partnership also helps libraries keep connected to communities.

    Public internet access from designated hotspots or institutions like libraries has been an important resource for people in less-connected areas. As the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded, those services took on even greater importance as people looked for ways to work or learn remotely.

    As an E-rate service provider, Horizon enables libraries to extend their Wi-Fi ranges and keep signals strong so residents can leverage internet resources.

    Contact the Horizon team to learn more today.

  • OME-RESA, one of the Information Technology Centers (ITC) of the Ohio Education Computer Network, today serves approximately 55 school districts and related agencies in its region. The organization empowers innovation and technological opportunity to K-12 public, private and charter schools, and its work remains instrumental to ensuring students and administrators have the tools they need to keep pace with an evolving digital world.

    Providing the very best, most reliable and high-speed connectivity is at the core of OME-RESA’s work, which is why for the past 15 years, it has trusted Horizon as its partner as it extends its services and solutions to a growing number of communities and schools.

    “Aside from the vast array of benefits we get from Horizon’s local, customized partnership, it’s really the culture that makes our collaboration exceptional. These are people that live in our area and that understand our situation. We enjoy a hometown feel from Horizon, and their team visits us, keeps us in the loop, and is very accessible. The communication is next-level, which makes the network deployments that much better, and we’re simply not kept up at night with the troubles we used to have anymore,” comments Adam Truex, Executive Director of OME-RESA. “We look forward to helping all of our districts benefit from Horizon’s level of service. We wouldn’t want to be partnering with anyone else.”

    Click here to read our case study about how our solutions are the ideal match for OME-RESA’s expansion goals and dedication to supporting educational success throughout Ohio.


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