Horizon’s enterprise fiber network spans 6,000+ miles across the Midwest

Horizon architects custom fiber network solutions that are high-quality, reliable, scalable, flexible and future-proof to ensure you can meet your business-critical and evolving demands for connectivity.

  • Ideal for all enterprises
  • Physically diverse, highly-robust network
  • 100% pure fiber-optic network
  • Connect directly to the cloud
  • Leverage Hosted Voice Products
  • Reliable Internet and Ethernet
  • Physically diverse
  • Horizon’s robust, 100% pure fiber-optic network spans 6,000+ route miles across Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Our unique fiber routes throughout the Midwest empower enterprise customers of all sizes with direct cloud connectivity, Internet, Ethernet and Hosted Voice products over our first-class network.

    Horizon has served as a proven network partner for more than a decade, developing fiber-optic broadband solutions for healthcare, education, government, wireless carriers, data centers, wholesale and enterprise customers.

    Backed by a consultative approach and a trusted customer care system, our purpose-built, physically diverse and highly robust fiber network connects wholesale carriers and enterprise customers with popular data centers, including those in Columbus, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Chicago.

    Horizon’s home-grown customer care ensures you are supported at every stage by a true and trusted network partnership. Our network connects businesses quickly and reliably, providing a powerful competitive advantage for enterprises that require greater agility, scalability and flexibility. We continue to invest in our fiber footprint and remain committed to empowering rural and urban communities with the robust networking they depend on for the data needs of tomorrow.

  • When it comes to fiber internet for your business, speed and reliability are the two most important things to consider. If one or the other is lacking, it will negatively impact your business.

    Fiber internet for business will give you the fastest and most reliable internet to keep your business running. Fiber can be up to 10 times faster than a standard cable, DSL or copper connection. It is built for the bandwidth-heavy demands of today — and you can scale your service up or down as your needs evolve.

    Business fiber is the most reliable internet option. Fiber is stronger than copper and much less likely to break or be cut. It’s also less prone to electrical interference.

    Enterprise internet networks go beyond speed and reliability — they can also enhance and streamline your business operations with cutting-edge solutions, including:

    Horizon’s Enterprise Fiber Solutions:

    • Ethernet. Horizon provides pure fiber-optic dedicated Ethernet service to businesses, hospitals, K-12 schools, universities, government, cellular towers and data centers. We guarantee that your business, even with multiple locations, has access to all of your available bandwidth at all times.
    • Internet. Your business depends on reliable and fast internet service. Horizon Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) gives you peace of mind, helping your business stay connected with a high-speed, high-availability and secure solution.
    • Voice Connect. Horizon keeps your team connected with business cloud communications. Our cloud-based communication solution is scalable and dynamic, allowing you to add seats as you grow. While old hardware voice strategies are costly and out-of-date, our hosted voice solution solves for maximized business agility and accessibility.
    • Cloud Express. Directly connect to your cloud service providers through Horizon’s fiber Ethernet. Our business cloud solution is simple, secure and scalable.
    • Dark Fiber. Horizon delivers an exclusive, private and secure network that can be scaled based on your business needs,
    • Wavelengths. Horizon enables your business to handle multiple data, voice and video applications. Easily scale your bandwidth without having to deal with complex network management.
    • Data Center Connectivity. At Horizon, we have established connections to Tier 1 to Tier 4 data centers across the Midwest. Our pure fiber-optic Ethernet network delivers up to 100-gigabit speeds.
  • Horizon serves enterprises of all sizes and delivers business internet networking solutions that are ideal for small companies who want to compete with big companies in the market. Fiber networks are necessary to keep employees and customers connected and enhance productivity.

    Small companies gain crucial advantages from networking solutions, especially those that are operating on wireless technologies on one network, voice and data services.

    • Increased security protection from viruses, hackers, and threats that can breach your confidential business data.
    • Flexibility to shift or change network users and make changes cost-effectively.
    • Easily add new capabilities to your system as required can be performed without expensive upgrades.
  • Horizon 6,000+ miles of fiber-optic network connects Ohio businesses, schools, government agencies, nonprofits, financial institutions and healthcare facilities with high-quality, highly reliable internet and unified communications services.

    For a nonprofit organization that provides healthy living social programs to local neighborhoods, Horizon’s ability to provide large bandwidth and reliable performance was just the solution the YMCA needed to keep their in-need communities connected in the midst of a pandemic.

    With Horizon’s fiber-optic connectivity, the YMCA of Central Ohio was able to provide Learning Extension Centers, STEM opportunities through eSports and virtual classes, and provide necessary online resources for students.

    “We are grateful for this partnership with Horizon, which allows us to significantly improve our YMCA’s WiFi experience and access as we serve our communities through various virtual programs and platforms.” – Tony Collins, YMCA of Central Ohio CEO

    Click here to read our case study about how we helped the YMCA solve their bandwidth connectivity needs for a dozen Central Ohio locations.

  • Horizon 6,000+ miles of fiber-optic network connects Ohio government agencies, businesses, schools, nonprofits, financial institutions and healthcare facilities with high-quality, highly reliable internet and unified communications services.

    The City of Heath is a family-friendly community that’s primed for growth. This city on the rise wanted to ensure a robust infrastructure that was capable of meeting the needs of its expanding businesses and families.

    The local government faced a need to interconnect and increase bandwidth for 8 municipal locations including City Hall, the Water Department, and Fire Stations. In stepped Horizon with their Dedicated Internet Solution.

    Click here to read our case study about how we helped the City of Heath solve their bandwidth connectivity needs.

  • Metal Masters, Inc., a local company in Dover, Ohio, is committed to upholding its standards of superior service and professional results on behalf of customers across the region.

    So, when the company found that its legacy phone system was holding operations and customer service back, they knew they needed a new, robust solution from a trusted partner.

    “The value of Horizon’s solutions was apparent from day one, and it changed the way our company is able to operate, making it better able to react and cater to customer requirements,” comments Bret Kettlewell, CFO of Metal Masters.

    Click here to read the case study and learn more about how Horizon supports Metal Masters with DIA and Hosted Voice solutions.


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