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Whether you’re extending your footprint or reselling our offerings, our team of experts designs the right solution for your business customers. From high-speed internet access on our pure fiber-optic network to dark fiber, cloud networking, backhaul and more — Horizon has you covered.

  • Proven, innovative technology solutions
  • Reliable wholesale internet and fiber
  • Over 6,000 miles of high-performance fiber
  • Local Network Operations Center
  • 24/7/365 customer care
  • Community partner for over 125 years
  • Horizon’s backhaul, dark fiber, wavelength and Ethernet services help carriers meet network demand, advancing their networks and expanding their service territories. Horizon’s robust network spans over 6,000 miles throughout Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. We power the network with services that are only possible with the virtually unlimited speed and capability that comes from a purely optical network.

    All four major national carriers rely on Horizon’s fiber network to get to 5G sooner.


    The Horizon fiber network uses non-traditional routes to major metropolitan, suburban and rural areas in the Midwest. This ensures wireless carriers have more security and redundancy without interruption.

  • Simply put, backhaul is a connection from the wireless cell tower to the internet.

    So, why is cellular backhaul — also known as wireless backhaul — important? Wireless providers are adding more cellular sites to deliver higher capacity and reduced latency while supporting multiple devices. Backhaul is the underlying infrastructure that makes that growth possible by connecting those cell sites to the main data centers that power the internet.

    Without a well-constructed network backhaul infrastructure, it will be difficult to future-proof current networks against growing high-bandwidth demands.

    A backhaul network is planned carefully according to several factors, including bandwidth and latency, interference potential, reliability, scalability and speed. All of these areas significantly impact traffic and the end-user experience, which is why backhaul is vital to keep connected.

    Backhaul solutions are critical to ensure key applications, such as remote education, telehealth and teleworking are fast, secure, reliable and efficient. Mobile backhaul/fronthaul are critical components to accelerating 5G mobile service deployments.

  • Horizon builds 100% pure fiber-optic networks and is a top fiber broadband provider in the Midwest. Known for innovative technology and 24/7/365 local NOC and customer care, Horizon has been serving communities for 125 years.

    Operating 6,000+ route miles of fiber, Horizon provides high-quality, critical connectivity solutions for small to large enterprise and wholesale carrier customers.

    The extensive network offers high-speed Ethernet, Dedicated Internet Access, Hosted Voice and UCaaS, dark fiber, wavelength and data center connectivity services.

    Major wireless carriers, wholesale and agent partners, and large multi-location enterprise and government customers have trusted Horizon for over a decade. Horizon offers flexible and customizable fiber network solutions with an enduring commitment to customer care and cutting-edge fiber-optic technology.

    • Customizable fiber broadband solutions in both metropolitan and hard-to-reach rural areas that many carriers can’t get to.
    • We are experts in meeting the demands of businesses in our area.
    • A true fiber network partner with decades of industry experience.
    • Scalability – pay only for your current needs and scale up as your needs change.
    • Diversity – with diverse route planning for primary or backup circuits, you’ll improve uptime and reliability.
    • Our NOC is local, housed in Columbus, OH, helping us watch the network 24/7/365.

    Our Services Include:

    • DIA – Dedicated Internet Access
      • Horizon’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) gives you peace of mind by keeping your business connected with a high-speed, reliable and secure fiber solution.
    • Ethernet (E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree and E-Access solutions)
      • With Horizon’s carrier Ethernet services, you can simplify the network infrastructure, as well as deploy and manage at scale with high-speed internet connections that are secure and reliable.
    • Dark Fiber
      • Horizon’s dark fiber delivers dedicated fiber-optic connectivity. It is maintained by Horizon, fully lit, equipped and managed by us, and customized to fit your business IT demands.
    • Wavelength Services
      • Horizon delivers Wavelength Services as a high-bandwidth connectivity solution to support your data-intensive applications at remarkable speeds.
    • Data Center/Colocation Services
      • Horizon connects to popular Tier 1 to Tier 4 data centers across the Midwest. Our pure fiber-optic Ethernet network delivers up to 100-gigabit speeds.
    • Offices headquartered in Central Ohio — Columbus and Chillicothe
    • More than 6,000 miles of route fiber in 40 counties across southern and eastern Ohio, the Columbus and Indianapolis metropolitan markets, and parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania
    • Serving anchor institutions including hospital systems, universities and school districts
    • NNI or Data Centers available in Columbus, Indianapolis, Wheeling, Pittsburgh and Chicago
    • Continued growth in both rural and metropolitan markets
  • ICS Technology Group, a full-service technology company and wireless service provider, is committed to delivering the most robust, reliable solutions for customers — all while building strong relationships.

    In order to grow its footprint rapidly and extend its dedicated service style and technology to a growing number of customers in the region, ICS needed faster, more secure and reliable connections alongside enhanced bandwidth efficiency.

    “Working with Horizon to provide enhanced fiber networking and wireless service has been a great experience all around … Horizon is one of those companies where, from the top down, they own it and make it happen – and that makes us ideally positioned to deliver on our promise of technological empowerment to our current and future customers.” – Curtis Davis, CEO and Managing Member, ICS Technology Group

    Read our case study to learn how Horizon helped ICS offer an even more extensive regional network in southern and eastern Ohio.


Major wireless carriers, wholesale and agent partners and large multi location enterprise and government customers have trusted Horizon for over a decade.

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Horizon’s network spans more than 6,000 miles and delivers fiber-optic Ethernet, Internet and cloud-based Hosted Voice, data center connectivity and backhaul services in Ohio, West Virginia, western Pennsylvania, Indiana and Chicago.
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Lisa Hill - Owner, SOEC Read MoreRead More testimonials
Kristine Barr - CIO, Holzer Health System Read MoreRead More testimonials
Merre Mae Wine - Network Tech Engineer, OME-RESA Read MoreRead More testimonials

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