A safe and secure fiber Ethernet connection to more than 300 cloud service providers

You no longer need to use the public internet to connect your business to cloud-based service providers around the globe. Horizon has partnered with Megaport, enabling you to connect directly to a massive cloud provider ecosystem. This includes direct and secure connections to cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, Oracle, Google Cloud and IBM.

  • Increased Security, Performance
  • Lower Costs for Direct Connections
  • Flexible Connectivity
  • Scalable Bandwidth

How Does Cloud Express Work?

Leverage the best network configuration with optimized Ethernet speed.

Connect to the cloud service provider or providers of your choice.

Outsource management and provisioning to the Horizon team for added ease.

Make easy adjustments after installation — most can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Why choose Horizon Cloud Express?

  • A business’s need to move and utilize workloads constantly fluctuates depending on the changing demands of the organization.

    Most businesses access the cloud with their internet service provider (ISP) and public internet connection. Even though the public internet is easy and inexpensive, it isn’t always reliable, secure or efficient to move your business data.

    Greater security and low latency are achieved by moving off of the public Internet. Plus, partnering with Horizon is far more cost and time efficient than a customer trying to directly connect to cloud service providers on their own.

    Your best bet for your business is using a cloud direct connect, like Horizon’s Cloud Express. A cloud direct connection establishes a private, dedicated connection from your business to the cloud provider.

    Cloud direct connections help get rid of network bottlenecks, giving you the speed and ease you need to keep your business running.

  • Currently, there is a huge industry shift in the migration towards cloud service providers. Now is the perfect time to offer our customers a secure direct connection that most of our competitors don’t have.

    Horizon’s Cloud Express allows for a faster and more secure connection to provide the scalability and agility your business demands.

    Horizon sets up and manages the services through Megaport, which saves your business time and money while reducing the risks involved when carrying cloud services over a DIA connection.

    Your Horizon Fiber Account Executive will work with you on your direct business cloud connection to develop the best network configuration and Ethernet speed.

    Horizon then works with Megaport’s software platform to get you connected to the cloud service provider, or providers, of your choice.

    The Horizon team does all the work and all the heavy lifting at a fraction of the cost it would take to set up on your own.

    Once services are installed, most changes can be completed in a matter of minutes. It’s that easy.


    • Using a Horizon Ethernet connection to directly connect to cloud service providers removes traffic from the public Internet


    • Connecting with Horizon and Megaport cuts costs compared to self-provisioning


    • Cloud Express can be configured based on your network and operating systems: E-Line, E-Lan and E-Tree


    • Service provisioning can be completed in seconds, not weeks, affording your business the agility it demands to be competitive


    • Horizon’s partnership with Megaport allows your business to choose from over 300 cloud service providers
  • Megaport is a global leader in the fast-growing elastic interconnection services market with a goal to connect everyone to everything. Through partnering with companies like Horizon, their Software Defined Network (SDN) brings greater cloud connectivity to enterprise customers and data centers.

    The Megaport SDN enables access to the global leading CSPs with low latency, high-performance, and scalable connections for your everyday workloads. Its direct connectivity solution ensures that your business-critical or sensitive data is securely and reliably deployed to your on-premises, or private cloud, environment.

    • Use a secure Horizon Ethernet connection to directly connect to over 300 cloud providers.
    • Horizon will provision and manage your cloud provider connectivity through Megaport’s automated software platform, making the process quick and easy.
    • Megaport follows a “pay for what you use” connectivity model that keeps the service more cost effective.
    • No fixed capacity requirements, Megaport is elastic and right-sized for your needs.
    • Horizon works with you to configure an Ethernet connection that best fits your business cloud needs

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