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City Government in Ohio Leverages Private Line Ethernet for Enhanced Reliability

Horizon Wins – November 2023 – Today, Horizon is excited to announce that a city government located in Ohio has selected five years of 200Mbps E-Line (private line Ethernet service) to enhance its security, reliability and more.

As government services and municipal operations become increasingly vital to the health, wellness and prosperity of cities across Ohio — and the nation — ensuring underlying networks are performing optimally is paramount. When this Ohio city realized a core component of its existing network infrastructure was requiring multiple repairs, it realized it needed a more resilient, secure connection.

Horizon’s private line Ethernet capabilities are ideally suited to government usage and other privacy and reliability-centric operations due to their physical connections, which are faster and more secure than wireless options. Today, a Horizon-maintained Ethernet connection has been placed over the original network, ensuring the government can enjoy more reliability and fewer interruptions with the best performance possible.

“Wi-Fi gets a lot of space in discussions about networking due to its mobility, but for many use cases, like those in regulated industries or government instances, physical connections present a lot of advantages. The security, speed, reliability and capacity results delivered by private line Ethernet options are ideal for this type of deployment, and we’re thrilled to be a partner of choice to our local governments,” comments Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon.

To see another example of how private line Ethernet gave a much-needed network and security boost to another regulated industry, check out our Southern Ohio Health Care Network case study.


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