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Commercial Printing Company Enhances Digital Capabilities with DIA and SIP Services

Horizon Wins – February 2024 – Horizon is thrilled to announce that a Holmes County-based commercial printing company has signed on for 36 months of 200Mbps Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and VoIP services.

Driven by the need for faster speeds, the commercial printing company turned to a strong partnership with one of Horizon’s reps to find the best solution for enabling expanded online order management, more efficient file transfers and overall better communications and service for their own customers.

Horizon’s DIA service keeps businesses like this one connected with consistency and speed by avoiding the congestion, outages, latency and security risks of shared connections. DIA’s symmetrical download and upload speeds will allow the commercial printing company’s applications to run smoothly while low latency makes large file uploads (that are common for commercial printing) reliable. Horizon’s community involvement and locally based support system were attractive features that sweetened the deal for the printer.

“This commercial printing company prides itself on the quality of its work and the commitment of its services, much like we at Horizon pride ourselves on dedication to our service and the highest quality digital solutions,” notes Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “Switching to Horizon voice and DIA services not only gives them the boost in speed and performance that they need for managing commercial print files, but it also helped them reduce operational costs and improve their customers’ experiences.”

You can learn more about how Horizon services are benefiting another local business in our recent case study.


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