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Consider These Factors When Choosing Your Business’ Network Partner

Whether you own a small business or a large company with hundreds of employees, you’ll need reliable connectivity that’s fast and secure. This will enable you to easily communicate with your employees and customers, store and share data in an instant.

School systems, hospitals, governmental offices, financial institutions and more depend on an efficient network infrastructure. But how do you find the right network partner to establish it and make it run like a dream?

Here’s what to look for when choosing a network partner.


Research their history and experience

Look for a company that has been serving the community for a long period of time, and one that understands the needs of local businesses.

You want to work with a company that focuses on serving customers with advanced communications and technology in many sectors, including education, health care, governmental offices and manufacturing industries.

By finding a company with a diverse portfolio, you’ll know they have a wide range of experience and can adapt to your needs.


Look for a network partner that is innovative

Technology changes so quickly. New innovations and improvements must be made every day. Cutting-edge voice, video and broadband services must stay up-to-date and nimble in order to keep up with changes in the market.

Look for a telecommunications company that is committed to staying ahead of the technology curve and understanding customers’ needs when tailoring the perfect, affordable solution for their business.


Your network partner should adapt to your changing business needs

Businesses are becoming more and more reliant on a fast, secure data connection. Old technology, like copper cable, just can’t handle all of today’s networking needs. Now that your business is using cloud services, streaming and VoIP for communication, all of these applications need reliable and fast connectivity.

Your network provider should work with you to accommodate the growing needs of your business and provide scalability as your business continues to grow and succeed.


It offers speed, symmetry and security

Some of the most important aspects of any good network are speed, symmetry and security. Your network partner should understand your company’s need to stay nimble and work quickly. As a result, your network’s download and upload speeds should be symmetrical.

The network also must be as secure as possible. As more data and applications are moving to the cloud rather than finding a home on your computer’s hard drive, keeping your data secure is key.


It supports your community

It is important to choose a network provider that gives back to your community, while supplying you with all that you need to be successful.

Select a network provider like Horizon that supports many local organizations, such as the United Way, Junior Achievement, the Red Cross and more. You’ll know you’re working together to help your community thrive.

Making the right choice about your company’s network partner is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your connection is reliable and secure. With the right network partner, you can be sure that your operation runs smoothly every day.


Horizon offers enterprise fiber-optic broadband in the Columbus metro location, rural south and southeast Ohio and select areas in the Midwest. Businesses wanting more information on our network and services, please contact us.

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