Horizon is Installing Fiber In Your Area

You’ve been asking for it and we are bringing it! Fiber is the new standard for fast and reliable broadband connectivity and yet, so many areas are without! We’re working hard to get rural Ohio up to speed, and with that comes construction in your neighborhood. We understand that this may bring up a lot of questions about fiber connectivity, the benefits, and what can be expected from us working in the area.

What are the benefits of a fiber-optic network?

1. SPEED!!!

Speed is what makes fiber so great! Internet over fiber is noticeably and measurably faster than traditional cable Internet. It is also symmetrical, meaning the download speed and upload speed will be the same. Cable tends to lean towards a faster download over upload.


A lot more information can be carried over fiber cables without slowing or lagging. It no longer matters if your neighbors are streaming movies, playing video games and downloading music the same time you are trying to Zoom conference for work while your children are doing online school. A fiber network won’t slowdown with an increase in traffic.


Fiber-optic is made of glass, which means cutting into it would immediately break the line and cause a noticeable interruption in service. This makes it impossible for hackers to physically tap into a fiber network, making it the most secure technology available.


With immunity to interference such as weather, the durability of fiber-optic cable reinforcement and the use of light, fiber is by far the most reliable network connectivity.

5. Future Proof

Fiber seems to have endless possibilities and telecommunication companies offering 100 Gbps speeds. Higher speeds are coming and in some areas, already deployed. Communities and businesses investing in fiber-optic networks can be secure in knowing that this technology will last them a long time into the future.



We plan, design and engineer the network. This includes not only where the fiber lines will run, but also what infrastructure is needed – underground conduit or aerial power poles.


We obtain permission. We work with the local municipalities and utility companies to gain the permission and permits for construction. This includes getting the permissions to work in easements – the space between a sidewalk and street or a six-foot wide strip on an owner’s property where no sidewalk exists. This is where construction and maintenance happens.


We install the Infrastructure. If fiber is running underground, we install orange tubing, or conduit, that will hold the fiber lines. This type of conduit is important for the protection of the fiber but also for identification by the utility companies, as the fiber glass can not be detected by the same metal-detecting scanning equipment.

If the construction is above ground, or aerial, we attach the fiber cables to existing poles. Permission for pole use comes from the pole owners, typically the local utility company.


We install & connect the fiber-optic cable. Once the infrastructure is in place, we can run and connect the new fiber cables into our existing high-quality network. Once this construction is complete, we can start fulfilling orders for homes and businesses.

We use “fiber drops” from network access points to run fiber to the premises we are installing to. We’ll let you know we are coming to complete the drop, but you don’t need to be at home or at the office for this process.


You get installed to the fastest Internet network! We’ll work with you on an install date and time. Our network technician will finish any outside work needed and then install your modem and router and any other additional services you signed up for. You are now upgraded to the highest Internet speeds with the absolute least amount of interruptions or interference to your connection. Enjoy!


We do everything we can to make construction as least invasive as possible. We do have to dig a few holes, which understandably can make property owners nervous. Here is how we construct underground with as minimal impact to the yard as possible.


These special trucks use vacuum and pressure wash technology to loosen the soil in only the spots needed and then vacuum the loose dirt. They make precision holes and make very little mess.


The drill works like a giant earth worm up to 1,000 feet away. It will push through the dirt to the insertion point of the conduit. The orange conduit is then inserted into an open loop and the drill is pulled back, threading the conduit through the ground. Once the conduit is in place, they are connected to either the green pedestal boxes or hand holes. They are sturdy and safe for everyone, including lawn mowers and ATVs.


Within a few days from opening the holes in the yard, we make sure to close them. We return and backfill the open spots, lay grass seed and hay to help restore the original condition of the yard.


I would like to sign up for fiber to my home or business!

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