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Why Fiber DIA and Hosted Voice Services Aren’t Just for the Big Guys Anymore

Digital demands don’t discern between business sizes.

It’s true that in the past, it was only the large companies that needed to — or had the means to — advance their IT capabilities, but this isn’t the case anymore.

Now, as organizations look to increase speed, accessibility, reliability and more — it begins with essentials like Fiber DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) and hosted voice services.


Fiber DIA: Businesses depend on reliable, high-speed internet connectivity. Organizations need to trust that they’ll never be slowed down by their network — and shared internet access can be a bottleneck. Dedicated, private internet access is the new frontier, because business networking will never be at the mercy of bandwidth hogging, route congestion or quality inconsistencies that come with shared access.

DIA offers:

  • Better performance with symmetrical download and upload speeds, so applications run smoothly and interruptions are averted
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) that protect your internet connection and meet standards for speed, bandwidth and uptime
  • Quick troubleshooting that takes a few hours or less, as opposed to days or more

Horizon’s DIA helps organizations increase their productivity with nimble networking and fast connectivity, keeping employees connected to their files, platforms and customers. We deliver an extensive range of access options, and our custom solutions can be built to individual needs — all with flexible billing featuring flat and aggregate options.


Hosted Voice: Communication is at the core of business success and customer satisfaction — that’s why having the most robust, reliable collaboration strategy is key.

The cloud is the secret to getting the best of accessibility, reliability, mobility and more for business communications. Cloud-based hosted voice reduces capital expenditures and eliminates the limitations of traditional phone systems, which can only gain additional features or update with new hardware. Slow, costly, manual updates are now replaced by seamless, streamlined upgrades and feature-rich options.

Horizon’s Voice Connect solution, powered by Cymbus, delivers dynamic, HD voice quality, reliability, and mobility with high levels of scalability — meaning you can add seats as you grow. Plus, we help your team bring calls and instant messages with them through an intuitive app for employee devices, along with video conferencing, softphone and instant messaging solutions.

Horizon Voice Connect delivers multiple tiers of use, and the service can be easily upgraded at any time. Packages span from foundations that offer desktop phones and nationwide calling, to plans that fully unify your business communications and collaboration.


Heads Up: Voice and DIA Are For Everyone

Regardless of size, if you haven’t considered upgrading your communications or connectivity yet — you should. If these core services aren’t staying empowered and up to date, you could be missing out on a vital competitive edge.

It’s time to boost the power of your teams, platforms, and services with next-generation networking and complete cloud communications.

To learn more about how Horizon’s Voice Connect and fiber DIA can help you accomplish your evolving business goals, visit horizonconnects.com/business-fiber-solutions/.


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