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The fastest, most reliable, and only 100% fiber optic Internet service in the area.
Each package offers symmetrical speeds up and down, to ensure you always have the bandwidth you need. Plus, you can add Horizon’s streaming video service with local TV stations and your favorite cable networks.

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Fiber Package# DevicesWorks great for:DownloadUploadPrice
500 MbpsUp to 12Working from home, video conferencing, and powers instant file sharing on multiple devices.500 Mbps500 Mbps$40.95
1 GBUnlimitedFast cloud uploads and large data transfers with plenty of room for adding new technology.1 Gbps1 Gbps$79.95


The internet equipment in your house can make or break your internet experience. We will make sure you have the right equipment to make the most of your internet package and keep your home connected, productive, and secure.


Absolutely. It can be the difference between an OK or superior internet experience.

Having an outdated router is like hooking up a garden hose to a fire hydrant. The supply is abundant, but the supply delivery will not meet expectations.

Call our customer service team to make sure you have the right equipment for your internet plan.

A mesh network is a group of connectivity devices, such as Wi-Fi routers that act as a single network, so there are multiple sources of connectivity around your house instead of just a single router.

In a traditional Wi-Fi network, your phone or laptop is connected to a single router, and all communication passes through that single router. The farther you are from the router, the weaker the signal. Items such as walls, furniture, and other obstructions can impact the distribution of wireless signals throughout your home.

With mesh systems, you have multiple connectivity points in your home so you’re never far from one.

Benefits of a mesh network

Flexible coverage: Additional points can be added for better coverage in hard-to-cover areas like hallways and near walls for outdoor coverage.

Self-healing: In a mesh network, if one point goes down, communication is simply rerouted through another point. Note: If your router or primary point goes offline (the one connected to your modem), so will your entire network. You’ll also get a notification in the app after a few minutes.

Direct path: Since all of the points are connected to each other, data can take several paths toward its destination⁠ , and it’ll always choose the best route from Point A to Point B.

A Wi-Fi 6 router can send different signals in the same transmission window. This results in a single transmission from the router communicating with multiple devices instead of each device waiting its turn as the router serves up the data across the network.

This stream increase provides greater functionality and higher gbps connection speed, and your client devices have more paths to communicate with your WiFi router.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you have questions about the plans or equipment on this page, please browse our FAQs
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To find out how your internet connection is performing, use the internet speed test link below:

Internet Speed Test

This will give you a full readout of your download speed, upload speed, and latency.

Tips to get the most accurate speed:

Testing your speed is easy, but how do you get the most accurate measurement of your internet connection? Here are a few things you can do to get the most accurate results.

  • Pause automatic downloads: First, ensure you’re not downloading large files in the background. You can check the Task Manager on Windows or the Activity Monitor on macOS to see if any programs are trying to download updates or other large files. Close or quit all apps on your computer. You might still have some background processes using the internet, but nothing that would make a big impact.
  • Get rid of freeloaders: Make sure that no one on your home network uses a chunk of your bandwidth. You won’t get accurate results if you have people streaming Netflix in multiple rooms of your house while you test.
  • Check for wireless router issues: Many people argue that you should always plug your computer directly into your router with an Ethernet cable before you test your internet speed. While this does give you a more accurate measure of what your ISP is giving you, it doesn’t help much if you’re still getting slow speeds where you normally use your devices. Check your internet speed where you most often use your computer. If the speed is less than expected, try plugging it directly into your router. If you get a big increase in speed, it might be time to get a better router.

Latency, or lag, differs from bandwidth, even though both deal with your connection speed. Latency refers to the time it takes for a signal to travel from your device to your service provider and return. High latency can lead to buffering on streaming video but is more disruptive in video chat or online gaming activities.

Download speed (typically called bandwidth) determines how quickly your Internet connection can get information from the Internet. (For example: loading web pages, playing videos, checking your social media feed, etc.) It is the speed most often advertised on internet plans.

Upload speed determines how quickly your Internet connection can send information from your devices to the Internet (For example: uploading videos to YouTube, sending emails, etc.).This is important for content creators or people working from home who need to upload their work to the internet and for any two-way video communication.

What devices in my home use the internet?

Today most of the electronic devices in your home use the Internet to work properly. Most Internet-powered devices connect to your WiFi signal, so it’s always important to understand how many devices you are currently using, and how many are quietly draining your bandwidth. Some of these devices include:

  • TV (anytime you use streaming programs like Netflix, Hulu, etc.)
  • Gaming consoles (Xbox, PS4, PC)
  • Security systems
  • Smart devices (Smart outlets, smart thermostats, etc.)
  • Cell phones (When you’re not using your data, you’re using WiFi)
  • Computers, tablets, laptops

Just be sure to revisit your Internet speed needs if the number of users increases, or the bandwidth usage of the tasks you perform and devices you run changes. While many factors can influence the Internet speeds you realize, if you are regularly experiencing performance issues, it may be time to upgrade your plan.

Chances are good that you’re reading this now because you’ve noticed some connectivity issues in your home, and while you know you need an upgrade, you aren’t sure how much.

You will see packages with speeds of up to 2 Gig, and it might be tempting to opt for the most robust plan available so that speed is never a concern. However, higher speeds command a higher price tag, and finding that sweet spot for your needs can help you stream without worry while keeping costs down.

We have resources on this page to help you figure out how to find the right package for your home.

Please reach out if you have any questions. We are happy to help.

Internet speed is most commonly measured in Megabits per second (Mbps)

Let’s start with the basics. Internet speed is measured in bits (a single binary 1 or 0) per second. Internet connections can handle a lot of this data, so we usually talk about speeds in megabits per second (Mbps), which is a million bits per second.

Gbps means Gigabits per second, with 1 Gigabit equaling 1000 Megabits. When you see “Gig speed” advertised, it is often the most robust plan.

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Horizon has been providing telecommunications services to Southern Ohio for over 125 years and expanding enterprise-grade fiber services for over 10 years. Founded in 1895 as the Home Telephone Company, our organization began offering local telephone service and grew to accommodate the ever changing needs of our customers, community, and employees. Today, Horizon is divided into two sectors: Residential with Small Business and Enterprise Fiber.

Our Residential and Small Business division delivers Internet, phone, digital video, security, and broadband services to several counties in southern Ohio.

Our Enterprise Fiber division delivers fiber-optic Ethernet, Internet and cloud-based Hosted Voice services in Ohio, West Virginia, western Pennsylvania and Indiana with data center connectivity and backhaul services that span up to Chicago, IL.

In our long company history, we have grown and evolved our business for the technological changes and innovation that the telecommunications industry demanded; all the while never losing site on the one thing that has remained a staple to our success – our superior customer service and unmatched responsiveness.

Our business expanded from being the first to offer cable television and Internet service in Ross County to providing cutting-edge voice, video and broadband services throughout Ohio and bordering states. Our mission is to provide peace of mind to our customers and their end users by delivering high-quality, highly reliable network technology for business, entertainment, and communication. We are different than other telecommunications companies because we strive to understand our customers’ needs and concerns when tailoring the perfect, customizable, flexible solution for their home or business. Our customers get the convenience of quality service from a local company who is committed to providing positive customer experiences.

Horizon’s roots are grown in Ohio, while our wings are expanding in the Midwest. Locally we have supported many organizations in the community, including the United Way, Tecumseh!, the Chillicothe Paints Baseball Club, Junior Achievement, 4H, Red Cross and more. Through sponsorship, volunteering and donations, we are able to give back to the community that has always supported us.

We strive to continue this hometown commitment to other communities we serve. We are active Chamber members and technology leaders in many of the counties we service and continually look for organizations we can contribute our volunteer time and donations to. In Columbus we partner with the Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation and The Columbus Early Learning Centers. At Horizon, we take business personal and that means making our communities personal.