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Electrical Contractor Accesses Reliable Networking Through Horizon DIA

Horizon Wins – February 2024 – Horizon is excited to announce that it has supported yet another company in its pursuit of next-gen networking, connecting an electrical contractor to reliable, high-speed Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) services where the company previously thought impossible.

Reliable connectivity is at the heart of modern business capabilities, online services and customer experiences. Without connectivity that is reliable, fast, secure and accessible, all of these mission-critical business aspects quickly suffer, leading to losses in revenue, customer trust and more. So, when one electrical contractor realized it needed to find more reliable internet access, it thought it was out of luck due to the location of its business. Fortunately, Horizon — which offers thousands of network miles throughout the Midwest — swiftly came to the rescue with DIA.

Horizon’s extensive network, local experts and customer dedication were all easily able to reach the electrical contractor’s business location and offer dedicated access, freeing the company from the unpredictability and lack of reliability that often comes with shared internet connections. Without fear of lag, jitter, network congestion or other interruptions due to other users’ peak usage times, this electrical contractor was easily able to boost business capabilities and deliver better experiences — with added security to boot. Horizon delivered a local solution with technical results that exceeded expectations where others couldn’t, positioning this electrical contractor for enhanced business results.

“It’s not uncommon that businesses struggle to find network providers that can deliver the quality of connectivity they’re looking for in the area where they reside, which is where our local footprint and expertise really exceed expectations,” notes Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “We appreciate being a trusted network partner that businesses like this can depend on when others fail, and we’re very proud to deliver great results to this electrical contractor to propel them into their digital future.”

To view Horizon’s extensive fiber footprint or request a free consultation, click here.


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