Backhaul Services


Horizon is a premier backhaul specialist! By combining our advanced fiber network with unparalleled service and access to both suburban and rural areas, we’ve become an indispensable resource for cellular backhaul companies.

At Horizon, we service important Midwest metropolitan areas, but not to the exclusion of suburban and rural regions. In fact, we provide backhaul services across Appalachian regions in southern and eastern Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, as well as rural areas in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. Where others choose not to go, Horizon offers robust backhaul capabilities so that cellular providers can ensure their customers receive uninterrupted service, regardless of where they live or where they are traveling.

Horizon provides more than just a large footprint for backhaul services. We also offer:

  • Access to an advanced, modern network built primarily in just the last 10 years
  • A 100 percent optical fiber network with virtually unlimited capacity
  • 144-strand to 288-strand fiber cables
  • Scalability that enables next-generation, 100 gigabit/terabit-capable communications

Active Network Management

Beyond offering access to a modern physical network, we believe in the importance of being true partners for our customers. This is why we provide active network management, taking steps to anticipate and circumvent problems before they arise. Our teams of engineers and technicians monitor our network and our partner networks, in real time, to ensure that small problems are resolved before they become large ones.

And should backhaul needs require dark fiber capabilities, colocation or access to mobile switching centers, we have the flexibility to offer that too. We will work with you to find the solution that meets your needs.

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