You no longer need to use the public internet to connect your business to cloud service providers such as AWS, Salesforce, Oracle, and Azure. Cloud Express is a new product from Horizon that partners with Megaport to allow for a safe and secure fiber Ethernet connection to over 300 cloud service providers!

How Does Cloud Express Work?

Your Horizon Fiber Account Executive will work with you on your direct cloud connection to discover the best network configuration and Ethernet speed. Once determined, Horizon works with Megaport’s software platform to get you connected to the cloud service provider, or providers, of your choice. Managing and provisioning is all done by the Horizon team to take any unnecessary work off of your plate at a fraction of the cost it would take to provision on your own. Once services are installed, most changes can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Why choose Horizon Cloud Express?

  • Increased Security and Performance – Using a Horizon Ethernet connection to directly connect to your cloud service providers removes traffic from the public internet. Your latency for cloud connectivity will drastically decrease and you’ll no longer be at risk of running your valuable company information across a DIA connection.
  • Lower Cost for Direct Connect – Connecting with Horizon and Megaport cuts cost from self-provisioning, especially if you use more than one cloud service provider.
  • Flexible Connections – Cloud Express can be configured based on your network: E-Line, E-Lan, and E-Tree. Your Fiber Account Executive will work with you to determine the best connection for your business needs.
  • Scalable Bandwidth – Service provisioning can be completed in seconds, not weeks. Do you need to add another cloud service provider and increase your bandwidth? Not a problem with Cloud Express!
  • Nearly Unlimited Options – Horizon’s partnership with Megaport allows your business to choose from over 300 cloud service providers.

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