Data Centers


Now more than ever, data is critical to every aspect of your business. Whether your operations rely on cloud computing services, need offsite storage or disaster recovery, having access to reliable data centers that you can trust ensures that your operations run smoothly, without interruption.

At Horizon, we have established connections to data centers across the Midwest, connected by a pure fiber-optic Ethernet network that delivers up to 100 gigabit speed.


Not every data center is right for every business or organization. While some may need the security that comes with a Tier 4-classified data center, other organizations find that a Tier 1 center will meet their needs. Still others may require connections to data centers that are compliant with HIPAA, US-EU Safe Harbor, SSAE 16 or PCI certifications.

Recognizing that our customers need options, Horizon takes an agnostic approach to data center services so that we can provide the solutions our customers need. We offer connections to a dozen data centers that meet a variety of certifications and tier levels while providing a range of options, services and security. It’s all part of our long-standing commitment to remarkable customer care and being a strong network partner for your business or organization.

Our data center partners can be found in metro regions across the Midwest and into the East Coast. We have partnerships with data centers in Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Wheeling, Pittsburgh and Chicago.

Horizon fiber optic connectivity ensures that your connections to data centers are secure. Our network incorporates ring-protected network architecture, plus network points of presence with diverse connectivity and power, to ensure disaster-resistant service that is built to survive worst-case scenarios.

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