Internet Services


At Horizon, we understand that a one-size- fits-all solution not only doesn’t work for some, it doesn’t work for most businesses. Yet, the offerings from most Internet service providers are often limited.

Horizon has multiple options for Internet access, ranging from the simplest, most cost-effective options all the way to incredibly robust direct-peering services. We will work with you to determine your needs and custom-tailor a solution to fit them.

Horizon provides flexibility that you can’t find elsewhere – flexibility on service and flexibility on pricing. We work with an array of upstream providers to offer your operations flexibility and security. Your needs are our needs, and we take them seriously.

Dedicated IP Addresses

It’s difficult to understate the importance of dedicated IP address numbers, which are critical to effectively managing an operational network with efficiency and speed. Today, even the smallest organizations must manage dozens of devices that need access to the network – from computers, tablets and phones, to file storage, streaming devices, printers and VoIP. For larger organizations, the potential issues that come with IP address management are even greater.

Horizon goes the extra mile for our customers by offering IP address space. This helps administrators effectively manage and optimize network traffic, ensuring that critical operations are not interrupted, and that your staff can work effectively and efficiently.

Redundant Backup Systems

In today’s world, whether your operations are in government, health care, retail, corporate or education, Internet access is not just a want, it’s a critical need. With data stored and backed up to the cloud, critical communications running over the Internet and financial transactions requiring online access, Internet must be available at all times. At Horizon, we understand how important Internet access is to operations, which is why we also offer redundant, or backup, Internet service for many clients.

Whether you’re running a school system that needs uninterrupted Internet access for testing, a hospital system that requires Internet for critical health care procedures, or a business that can’t afford a break in service, backup Internet service from Horizon is the answer you’re looking for.

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