The increasingly intensive bandwidth demands faced by hospitals, ISPs and wireless carriers require solutions that provide flexibility. For bandwidth-hungry organizations, wavelength services can be an ideal solution.

As one of the few providers of wavelength services in Ohio and the Midwest, Horizon Network Partners has made the service an important component of our comprehensive suite of bandwidth-enhancing offerings, which also includes dark fiber, cellular backhaul and Ethernet services.


When your operations need additional bandwidth, Horizon offers the wavelength you need to connect your network, data centers, or any other high-bandwidth locations. Our wavelength service is ideal for operations that would like to avoid the management of physical infrastructure, yet still require bandwidth capabilities that are only possible with a dedicated network. In those cases, wavelength service is a great solution. Our DWDM network, built on top of 144-strand to 288-strand fiber cables, has the built in capacity available to meet your bandwidth needs. Choose the wavelength you need and we will provide the routes and security – both protected and unprotected options available.

By choosing a low-latency wavelength service from Horizon, your operations can take advantage of the many benefits of our advanced fiber optic network. For example, across our more than 4500 route miles, we’ve built a pure fiber-optic native network that delivers virtually unlimited speed. It also provides low latency, which is ideal for industries like health care that depend on their networks for remote surgical applications.

Built primarily in just the last 10 years, our modern network fiber runs through non-traditional routes that provide access to rural and suburban areas that most other fiber optic network providers avoid. Ring-protected network architecture and 24/7/365 active monitoring ensures incredible reliability. Wavelength service also provides access to our many points of presence (PoPs) that feature diverse connectivity and power.

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