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Horizon Wins – November 2020 – Granville Township Fire has selected Horizon as their fiber internet provider.

After building a new fire station, Granville Township Fire determined that their current bandwidth capacity was no longer meeting their needs and required an upgrade. The decision to switch to Horizon was made based on the great relationship that had been established with the Fiber Account Executive and Horizon’s reputation with their customers.

“Horizon boasts a 99.5% customer retention rate,” said Glenn Lytle, CRO for Horizon. “We consistently offer high-quality fiber products, supported by best-in-class customer care. Our teams are based in central Ohio and customers rest easy knowing that they have local support from Horizon.”

Horizon works with many city and township agencies, supplying their fiber connectivity that allows for faster, more reliable service to their municipal buildings.

To learn how Horizon can become your internet fiber provider, visit horizonconnects.com.

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