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Franklin Iron and Metal Puts Poor Network Service in the Past with Horizon Partnership

Horizon Wins – August 2023 – Horizon is proud to announce that Franklin Iron and Metal Corp., a local Ohio scrap buyer and recycler since 1962, has just boosted its connectivity and network foundations with Horizon Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). Now leveraging one 400Mbps circuit and two 200Mbps circuits for a term of 60 months, the organization is leaving behind its past struggles with alternative providers and harnessing reliable, powerful networking.

While having robust, fast, stable connectivity is a cornerstone of modern business, it’s unfortunately true that some organizations have trouble sourcing the right solution from the right partner. In the case of Franklin Iron and Metal, they found that the provider they originally signed with was delivering lower-than-anticipated service quality and was far too expensive. Still, the company knew it needed to reinvigorate its network foundations to keep pace with evolving organizational and customer service needs.

Horizon, known throughout the region for its levels of dedication to customized, cost-effective network solutions and exceptional customer service standards, emerged as a clear choice for Franklin Iron and Metal’s needs. Soon, the Account Executive at Horizon and the Management at Franklin Iron and Metal forged a strong partnership, and out of that came a plan to amplify its business with connectivity that is wholly reliable, fast, secure — and a whole lot more.

“DIA is a fantastic option for scenarios like this one, where a company has been plagued by lackluster results. Dedicated, private connections ensure that bandwidth and speed are never compromised by outside usage, and that lends extra security and peace of mind too. Not to mention, that kind of performance paves the way for great customer service, solution provisioning, business operations and more,” comments Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “We’re proud that our reputation as a true network partner allows us to collaborate with great business members of our regional community like Franklin Iron and Metal.”

To learn more about Horizon’s DIA services, click here.


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