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Get to Know Rick Provenzano: Sales Manager and Stellar Horizon Team Member

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In our most recent employee spotlight, we happily introduced you to Holly Glassburn  — and we’re thrilled to say that it’s time to help you get to know yet another fantastic Horizon team member. Now, we’d like you to meet Rick Provenzano, Regional Sales Manager specializing in the southeast Ohio market. Covering all the way from Youngstown to Portsmouth in Ohio and the Northern Panhandle/Ohio Valley and Huntington in West Virginia, Rick plays a huge role in the success of our operations. So, let’s dig in and learn a bit more about him.

Tell us about your background and how you came to Horizon.

Rick Provenzano (RP): I started in telecom in 2000 as a sales rep and spent 21 of the last 23 years in telecom sales. My first 19 years were all spent at the same company, where I started as an inside sales rep focused on residential customers. In 2008, I moved to outside B2B sales, where I was able to advance my career from an account executive to senior account executive — then on to regional sales manager in 2010. From there, I took a position with an extruding and molding manufacturing company where I was the national sales manager. I traveled the U.S. and had a handful of reps who worked for me. From my connection to people in the telecom industry I was eventually introduced to Horizon, where I have been since Sept 2021.

What do you most enjoy about working for Horizon?

RP: The greatest thing about Horizon is the people! I enjoy the fact that the entire team is local to the Columbus/Ohio Valley region. Plus, we are large enough to meet enterprise customers’ demands and small enough to be flexible.

Any recent exciting projects at Horizon that you can tell us about?

RP: Currently, our fiber growth in rural Ohio and West Virginia is bringing options to areas that were/are underserved. I’m very excited to be able to provide a true enterprise fiber solution to many of the businesses that have not had that option.

Where do you live?

RP: I live in New Cumberland, WV, which is almost the tip of our network.

Where did you go to school or get training?

RP: I’m a graduate of Fairmont State College with a double major BS in Marketing/Business Management!

What do you like to do in your free time?

RP: I have a wife of 25 years — Becky — and two adult children: Brooke and Parker. Our family spends a lot of time outdoors. You can typically find me either on a golf course or on my bass boat fishing. On Sundays, you can find me at church being an audio tech and playing bass in the band.

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