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Global Critical IT Infrastructure Leader Trusts Horizon to Empower Enhanced Data Center Connectivity

Horizon Wins – July 2023 – Horizon is thrilled to announce that a global leader in IT infrastructure design, construction and ongoing service has selected Horizon E-line solutions to support redundant, reliable data center network connections.

In the world of critical IT infrastructure, having secure, robust, reliable and accessible connectivity is one of the most pressing mandates and in-demand requirements from customers and providers alike. These network connections don’t just link data center footprints, they keep customers’ critical workloads and applications thriving. As such, critical IT infrastructure providers must select the very best solutions that offer peace of mind alongside powerful connectivity results.

So, when this provider was seeking new, redundant connections to its data center to enhance reliability and resilience, it saw that Horizon was already connected to the data center in question. Combined with Horizon’s reputation for exceptional customer care, it was clear that its E-line solutions were a perfect option for the project. Today, the customer is powerfully connected — even to its remote locations — keeping operations running smoothly and optimally.

Horizon’s Ethernet services deliver a range of mission-critical benefits to power IT infrastructure growth and operations, including faster and more reliable connections, better bandwidth efficiencies, cost savings, added flexibility and more. With Horizon’s state-of-the-art network and local, expert support, these benefits are even further amplified.

“Critical IT infrastructure providers face a lot of pressure when it comes to keeping their connections up and always on for customers’ uninterrupted requirements, and we’re proud to say that our network is built to cater to those kinds of high-stakes demands,” states Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “Even the pros need a partner they can rely on, and we’re always happy to be that partner of choice.”

To learn more about Horizon’s Ethernet services, click here.


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