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Hardware Retailer Harnesses Competitive Speeds and Service With DIA and Phone Investment

Horizon Wins – February 2024 – Horizon is proud to announce that a hardware retailer has selected Horizon’s 100Mbps Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), combined with new multi-location phone lines, for 60 months. These expanded communications and networking capabilities reinvent the organization’s operations with better speeds, reliability, control and accessibility.

In a highly mobile business era when organizations’ footprints are growing and expanding into new locations and platforms, having connectivity and robust communications to and between all locations is crucial. Exceptional customer service depends on reliable accessibility and convenience — after all, when a customer calls, knowing they’ll get an answer is mission critical. What’s more, digital business and online retail continue to be a top force in today’s consumer marketplace, and fast, reliable connectivity forms the foundations of these in-demand digital services. By combining Horizon’s DIA and phone lines, this hardware retailer checks boxes across both of these business goals.

Horizon’s DIA is an ideal solution for organizations of all types that are looking to bring their network to the next level. Where shared connectivity can create bottlenecks or unforeseen challenges due to other users’ peak usage times, having dedicated access ensures network speeds are always at a maximum, reliability is uncompromised, and businesses have true control. At the same time, many network providers don’t have coverage in the locations where businesses need it — for Midwest organizations, Horizon’s local presence and dedicated, high-touch support ensure solutions can be found wherever businesses require them. For this hardware retailer, Horizon’s dedication to community, family values, flexibility and customized offerings combined with technologically superior network options to seal the deal.

“Doing business online is simple in concept — after all, it does make the customers’ experience simpler than ever — but in practice, it can be difficult to achieve the right levels of advanced availability, speed and reliability. DIA is a preeminent option for businesses looking to achieve new levels of service in this arena, and by adding new phone solutions into the mix, this hardware retailer is on a path to true business success. We’re proud to be its partner of choice,” comments Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon.

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