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Hardware Store Beats Slow Connections and High Price Tags with Horizon DIA

Horizon Wins – March 2024 – Horizon is excited to announce that yet another business partner has signed on for the advantages of Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), supporting digital business goals and empowering its growth trajectory with reliable, fast connectivity. With 300Mbps of DIA on a 6-year term, this Ohio-based hardware store is set to excel across customer experiences, internal operations and beyond.   

In the Midwest, it’s common for businesses to feel restricted by limited network provider selections, often finding themselves paying far too much for services and connection quality that are not up to modern business challenges. For this hardware store, this was the exact issue — high price tags and sluggish connections were hampering business success. To ameliorate these issues and build stronger network foundations, the hardware store sought a new connectivity partner that could help it build a pathway to advanced operations.   

The hardware store selected Horizon as its partner of choice thanks to its ability to deliver the ideal mix of speed, cost-efficiency and supportive service — with customizable network options. DIA is an excellent option for organizations looking to overhaul their network capabilities and experience new advantages, delivering private connections that are not subject to interruptions, offering fast and reliable speed and enhanced security. With the perfect mix of guaranteed service, faster troubleshooting and improved foundational connectivity, it was clear that Horizon DIA was the solution this hardware store has been looking for.   

“All organizations need strong networking and agile connectivity, but for many, they find it only comes at a prohibitive price,” notes Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “Horizon is here to partner with companies like this hardware provider and prove that they really can get the connectivity they need on a budget that is sensitive without compromising on performance or results.”  

To learn more about Horizon’s DIA capabilities, download the associated data sheet now.  


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