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Healthcare Clinic Trusts Horizon DIA to Deliver Faster Connections for Better Care

Horizon Wins – November 2023 – Horizon is excited to announce that a healthcare clinic located in Marion Ohio, has just selected DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) connectivity to deliver a boost of speed, reliability and security to its mission-critical networking.

As healthcare becomes more digital, and in many cases more remote, the role of robust networking and secure connectivity is becoming more and more central to positive patient experiences, good medical outcomes and smooth provider operations. When this Ohio-based healthcare clinic realized its original service (shared with a larger medical organization) wasn’t delivering the right level of results, it knew it needed an exclusive connection that could deliver better speeds and reliability.

For this kind of use case, DIA options are ideal. These dedicated connections provide a range of benefits that shared connections can’t deliver, including uninterrupted and reliable speeds (congestion and lag are often an issue during peak times on shared connections). Security also gets a boost since DIA keeps one organization’s networking away from other users, which helps keep sensitive medical and patient data out of public connectivity pathways. Not to mention, DIA is a flexible and scalable option, which positions this healthcare clinic well for growth or the addition of innovative services in the future.

“The underlying network in medical environments is absolutely mission-critical, not only for keeping internal operations running and medical practitioners on the path to success, but also for ensuring every patient gets the care and positive outcomes they’re looking for,” comments Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “With medicine bringing unique needs to the table, we were proud to deliver DIA services to this healthcare clinic that would go beyond fast, reliable internet to delivery security and unparalleled performance.”

To learn more about the advantages of DIA, check out our blog explaining why this solution is a secret weapon for digital business.


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