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Healthcare Organization Expands Brand and Footprint with Advanced Voice and Connectivity Solutions

Horizon Wins – May 2023 – Today, Horizon proudly announces that it has been selected by a West Virginia hospital and children’s healthcare services provider to deliver a game-changing combination of Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), PRI and Hosted Voice for a five-year term. Together, these solutions enable the organization to boost its networking and communications reliability, security, agility, efficiency and more as it expands its brand and footprint.

When this healthcare provider was expanding into an additional facility, they recognized that underpinning any services would be robust, secure connections. Not to mention, as a healthcare organization, they knew they needed the utmost network security to protect the sensitive patient information used in day-to-day operations. It was clear that shared connectivity wouldn’t provide adequate peace of mind for the organization or its clients, so they turned to Horizon and its DIA to leverage private connectivity. Plus, by adding hosted voice, they ensure their business communications can always meet and exceed expectations with feature-rich, cloud-powered voice capabilities.

This hospital chose Horizon due to strong existing partnerships with its IT vendors, all of whom deliver a high level of customer support and care to ensure the healthcare organization receives an exceptional standard of service. Plus, Horizon’s local feel and dedicated local team meant the organization could be supported by on-site help for a better design — and ultimately better network results.

“The benefits of cloud-hosted voice and dedicated internet access are strong on their own, but together they deliver the full range of advanced benefits a healthcare organization needs: Reliability, ease, optimization, seamlessness and more,” comments Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “It’s benefits like these that will keep sensitive information private, ensure customers can be cared for with unparalleled attentiveness and help the healthcare teams operate with confidence so that their patients can get the help they need.”

To learn more about Horizon’s DIA solution, click here. To learn more about the company’s hosted voice offering, click here.


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