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Horizon Connects with New Carrier to Provide 10 Gbps Wavelength Service

Horizon Wins – September 2022 – Horizon is servicing a new Ohio-based Carrier with a 10 Gbps wavelength circuit for the next five years. In addition, they are looking at other wavelength and dark fiber services from Horizon to fulfill future needs. 

The capital-backed, new carrier is focused on expanding into residential markets across Ohio. Initially looking at another fiber provider for service, the carrier ultimately selected Horizon because they liked the flexibility that partnering with Horizon provides. Horizon was also able to illustrate their portfolio of similar carrier customers, bringing further trust into the relationship. 

Once the installation of the initial 10 Gbps wavelength service is turned up, the carrier plans to further invest in Horizon for additional circuits and possible leasing of some dark fiber routes.  

“Horizon is a leading wholesale-carrier partner in the region,” says Glenn Lytle, CRO for Horizon. “We’ve had decades of experience building trust in our relationships with all the major and local carriers, which ultimately shares a common goal – providing quality fiber connectivity to underserved areas in Ohio and surrounding states.” 

Learn more about Horizon’s wavelength services and how your business can benefit from it here. 


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