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Horizon Wins – November 2020 – A University in Steubenville, Ohio has selected Horizon as their  E-Line Ethernet provider with a 10 Gigabit circuit.

The University believed the decision to be an obvious choice because of the deeply integrated partnership between Horizon and OARnet. The 10 Gbps connection will help to future proof the network as the university has seen dramatic increases in bandwidth needs of modern higher education institutions. Horizon provides more network reliability with their protected backbone, which was also a key focus of the university.

“Horizon consistently sees KPI’s reporting a 99.99995% network uptime,” said Glenn Lytle, CRO for Horizon. “We contribute that to the level of high quality fiber products and services we offer, along with our team and network operations center being housed locally in central Ohio. We have also spent over 125 years developing strong partnerships with organizations and consortiums in our area.”

To see how Horizon can become your Ethernet provider and to learn more about fiber services offered, visit horizonconnects.com.

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