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Horizon to Host Executive Roundtable on Business DIA vs. Broadband in the Midwest

Register Today for the Live Webinar on November 4 at 1 p.m. ET

COLUMBUS, Ohio – October 21, 2021 –  Horizon, a fiber-optic broadband company operating out of Columbus, Ohio, announces today that it is hosting a webinar for Midwest businesses to discuss the benefits of leveraging a Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solution versus broadband. Glenn Lytle, Chief Revenue Officer at Horizon, will lead the virtual roundtable, which features an esteemed panel of executives from ProStratus, Gallia-Meigs Community Action Agency and more.

When businesses connect with a shared internet service, they often risk network congestion, slow speeds, outages, unpredictable service, and security issues. Shared internet connections are good for a home or small office, but in an era of digital business, organizations that rely heavily on robust internet connectivity and reliable performance demand a more advantageous network solution.

Simply having connectivity is no longer sufficient. The speed, quality, and availability of an organization’s internet connection increasingly impact bottom lines and customer satisfaction. That’s why DIA is designed specifically for businesses with fast, reliable, and dynamic internet services.

“Your business depends on reliable and fast internet service. Dedicated Internet Access gives you peace of mind, helping your business stay connected with a high-speed, high-availability, and secure solution,“ says Glenn Lytle, Chief Revenue Officer at Horizon. “Nowadays, time is money. Dedicated internet connections provide the consistency and speed that businesses need to be competitive and stay ahead of evolving demands.”

During the webinar on November 4 at 1 p.m. ET, the panel will explore:

  • The differences between business DIA and broadband
  • What customers must consider during their buying journey
  • SD-WAN and reliability
  • Why DIA is not just for the large enterprise anymore
  • What key fiber connectivity factors to assess


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What:  Horizon Executive Virtual Roundtable
               “Beyond the Horizon with Glenn Lytle:  Business DIA vs. Broadband”

               Glenn Lytle, Chief Revenue Officer at Horizon

Craig Terrell, Chief Information Officer at ProStratus

Lora Rawson, Executive Director at Gallia-Meigs Community Action Agency

Craig Drinkhall, Director of Products & Sales Engineering at Horizon

When:  Thursday, November 4, 2021

1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET

*Registered participants will be emailed a recording if they are unable to attend the live session on November 4.


Horizon DIA is enterprise-grade, scalable, flexible, and fast. This solution serves as a private fast lane to help users get the reliable service and speed they pay for — without compromise. To learn more, email FiberSalesLeads@HorizonConnects.com.

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