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Horizon Welcomes New VP of Marketing, Underscores Continued Mission-Critical FTTH Push Across Ohio and Beyond

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – May 9, 2022 –  Horizon, an Ohio-based fiber-optic broadband company, is proud to announce the strategic addition of its new Vice President of Residential Marketing: Michael Snyder. Snyder’s addition to the Horizon team comes at an extremely opportune time for the company, complementing and empowering Horizon’s aggressive Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network expansions across Ohio.

Horizon, a dedicated Midwest network partner, is committed to supplying Midwestern businesses and communities with the mission-critical, high-value connectivity they require to grow and thrive. To support this dedication, the company has been in the midst of an ongoing effort to expand its regional state-of-the-art, fiber-optic network. To date, the company has announced or begun build-outs in a number of Ohio markets, including Greenfield, OH, Washington Court House, OH, Lancaster, OH, Zanesville, OH, Athens, OH, Logan, OH,  Johnstown, OH and Hillsboro, OH. These builds will pass thousands of homes and businesses and add hundreds of miles of new fiber to Horizon’s existing footprint — and more markets are on the way.

Snyder will be instrumental in the continued success of this expansion initiative, and he will be spearheading all aspects of residential fiber marketing and sales to consumers and small businesses across all service areas. Snyder brings more than 35 years of rich marketing experience — much of which is telecommunications-specific — to the Horizon team, leveraging keen insight into direct-to-consumer and B2B segments. Notably, Snyder has also been head of strategy for an award-winning ad agency in Philadelphia, PA. Snyder’s addition to the team will ensure Horizon can quickly meet and exceed the subscriber and revenue goals it has set out, especially as it quickly expands to connect more communities.

“I was so impressed by the management team at Horizon, which is stacked with ultra-intelligent industry veterans, and I knew that joining this team would present the perfect opportunity to take everything I’ve learned from an extensive career in marketing and put it to work for the great cause of closing digital divides,” comments Snyder. “Horizon’s corporate environment is exactly the kind I thrive in, and I look forward to employing my knowledge to support its community dedication and continued fiber network growth.”

The past couple of years’ unprecedented global disruption shined a light on the acute need for equitable sharing of affordable, reliable access to powerful internet services. Horizon’s FTTH provides crucial reliability and consistency for businesses and families throughout the company’s growing footprint with a level of value that competitors can’t achieve. For instance, Horizon delivers symmetrical upload and download speeds at every price point.

“We’re very excited to bring Michael on, and we look forward to leveraging his expertise to tell our story. Horizon has been a neighbor to its customers and communities for more than 125 years, providing the most advanced telecommunications technologies to ensure these communities can flourish. We’re always looking to build on that community-first and connectivity-centric heart of our business,” states Jim Capuano, President and CEO of Horizon. “Our local expertise and dedication to empowering next-generation capabilities for homes and businesses are what sets us apart, and we’re thrilled to welcome Michael to the team.”

To learn more about Horizon, visit horizonconnects.com or call 866-416-7163.


One thought on “Horizon Welcomes New VP of Marketing, Underscores Continued Mission-Critical FTTH Push Across Ohio and Beyond

  1. We have been a Horizon customer since 2012. They continue to provide stable and reliable service and their communication to its customers strengthened significantly over the years. The communication and desire to helps its customers sets Horizon above other providers.

    With that said, I’m eager for FTTP to reach Ironton, OH! Congratulations Michael Snyder on your new position with Horizon. This is a needed market and I’m sure Mr. Snyder will be very busy.

    I, along with other homeowners, live in a section that isn’t supported by cable or phone providers and forced to rely on “what’s available.” As an IT individual, it is almost unacceptable and makes me look forward to being a Horizon customer for my residential service, as well!

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