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Horizon Wins – January 2020 – Horizon has been selected by the City of New Philadelphia as a partner to supply ELAN fiber services, connecting eight of their locations together on one secure network.

Prior to signing into the new partnership with Horizon, the City of New Philadelphia was using a large telecommunications provider to supply their internet services, however there was no connectivity between the city building locations. The city saw inconsistency in speed and cost, network vulnerability was high and needed multiple software applications and firewalls to decrease any risk. Comparable companies wanted to charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a fiber network to provide a better solution. Horizon, having a fiber broadband presence in the New Philadelphia area, was able to develop a solution that would solve these issues.

Horizon’s plan was to provide a secure fiber ELAN service that would connect their city building locations including city hall, the fire department, Tuscora Park, the waste treatment Plant, the cemetery office, the city garage and the water treatment plant. By using this service, upload speeds are drastically increased, the dedicated network is more secure and the cost is comparable to what they were already spending for internet services. The ELAN service will also connect the county jail as it is already supplied with Horizon fiber.

“The broadband fiber connections between our buildings will increase productivity, eliminate unnecessary computer hardware and raise the level of security across the network,” said Mayor Joel Day in his December Mayor report. “The new fiber network will also open the door for the possibility of putting an Internet Wi-Fi cloud over the downtown area and for the city to utilize technologies that require high speed broadband connections.”

Horizon and the City of New Philadelphia are looking towards this long-term partnership not only to solve issues today, but also to expand on future goals. Horizon will now be able to service other New Philadelphia businesses and the city can expand their offerings within the community, the first being downtown Wi-Fi.

To learn more about Horizon enterprise fiber and the services offered, visit horizonconnects.com/business-fiber-solutions

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