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Hospitality Services Provider Leverages Dedicated Internet Access to Enhance Hotel Operations

Horizon Wins – November, 2022 – Horizon is proud to announce that an Ohio-based hospitality service provider, which has been serving the industry and its communities for more than two decades, has chosen Horizon’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and SIP solutions at a select hotel location. With these services in place, the provider is enhancing its underlying network, enjoying more attentive customer service and ultimately improving its business outcomes.

This hospitality service provider is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and unforgettable events for its customers. Unfortunately, the organization’s fiber provider did not exhibit the same commitment to customer service excellence. As a result, the company found its fiber networking service partnership lacking at one of its hotel locations. Without proper care from its networking provider, an organization may see slower challenge resolution or lackluster connectivity results, which can impact business outcomes and customer trust. This was a possibility that the provider knew it must avoid at all costs.

In order to better support its own commitment to superior service, this hospitality provider awarded its trust to Horizon, which is backed by deep experience forming strong customer relationships and customized services. Today, the hospitality provider leverages a 2Gbps DIA circuit and SIP service (a signaling protocol for initiating, maintaining, and terminating voice, video and messaging sessions) at the hotel through Horizon. As a result, the company and its customers at this location enjoy more secure, reliable, predictable, and high-speed network connectivity backed by a rich partnership with 24/7 local customer care and expertise.

“We have always prided ourselves on our reputation for not just being a provider, but a true partner. That means hands-on problem solving whenever it’s needed, high-touch customer service and local care around the clock,” states Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “That level of customer service can be what makes the true difference between good networking and great, powerful networking — and that’s something this hospitality expert really understands. We were very happy to give them the connectivity boost that they need so they can remain agile for their customers and produce exceptional results.”

To learn more about Horizon DIA service, click here.

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