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Indiana Carrier Strengthens Connectivity with Robust Wavelength Services

Horizon Wins – September 2023 – Horizon today announces that it is providing robust wavelength solutions to ensure a longstanding Indiana carrier can continue delivering top-tier services to its customers. Leveraging two 100Gbps wavelengths on a five-year term, this enhanced underlying network enables the provider to utilize strong connectivity between locations, enhancing its communications fabric.

As a crucial part of today’s communications backbone, carriers have a lot of responsibility for ensuring both residential and business communications can be supported and vital data exchange can take place. In the case of this Indiana carrier, they were finding that their existing network supplier couldn’t keep up with growth demands. As an organization that holds itself to the highest standards, this Indiana carrier knew it had to find a network partner that could deliver.

To ensure it could establish and maintain its strong connectivity in rural Indiana, the carrier sought Horizon’s help due to the combination of technical and financial success the company offers. Horizon’s wavelength services deliver fast, reliable bandwidth for mission-critical use cases with room to scale for the needs of tomorrow, making it an ideal option for the Indiana carrier. In fact, wavelength services are a premier option for large, multi-site business needs and high-capacity transport, ensuring organizations like large carriers can effortlessly meet the needs of every business requirement. With the competitive advantage of wavelength-based connectivity, the carrier can ensure that its speed, reliability and performance are always meeting their standards — and those of their own customers.

“Regardless of the specific, unique demands cross speed, configuration, security or latency, wavelengths are a great option for any business use case — but they’re particularly great for carriers thanks to their robust networking capabilities,” comments Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “Being a provider for a carrier is no small task since they play such a vital part in our national connectivity fabric, but Horizon solutions are always up for anything, and we’re happy to have ensured this Indiana carrier could overcome hurdles to continue delivering great services.”

To learn more about Horizon’s wavelength services, click here.


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