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Internet and Voice: The Dynamic Duo Powering Customer Care

Did you know that networking and communication systems have a significant impact on end-user experiences with your company? Outdated and legacy systems may be causing a host of companies to be behind the customer experience curve — but if this sounds like your organization, the good news is that there are easy solutions that can significantly up your networking game.

Before we jump into how to fix networking and communications issues, let’s talk about how outdated systems and strategies might be dragging you down. Some challenges are obvious: Spotty internet connectivity makes productivity suffer and business operations unreliable, while congestion and a lack of predictable speeds can be a bottleneck for teams. Basic connectivity is no longer good enough for advanced customer demands — instead, the very best of speed, reliability, security and agility are needed to continue fulfilling your users’ expectations.

On the communications side of the house, legacy phone systems can present some insidious problems that only grow over time: Constant hardware updates only serve to distract from core competencies, and a lack of features can keep customer service operating at a level that feels stone age. So, as demands from customers for the ultimate levels of care and consideration rise across industries, it’s clear that two solutions are becoming vital for reinventing operations: enhanced internet connectivity and cloud-based voice.

Rising Demands for High-Touch Experiences 

Two industries where we’re seeing an increased need for this dynamic duo are hospitality and automotive sales/service. Despite being very different in their offering, these two categories are underscoring an undeniable truth: High levels of trusted customer care are king — regardless of industry. Industries like hospitality and automotive sales, like many organizations across the spectrum of business, are both tasked with getting their customers where they need to go. As experts in experience, automotive and hospitality organizations know how vital it is that the results they deliver empower customers to find enjoyment, ease and value on their path to — well, wherever it is they’re headed. So, let’s use these two sectors as an example of how voice and internet services can boost productivity, service quality and customer results.

When these organizations turn a discerning eye for results and experiences inward, they may find their inner workings may be letting them down. The underlying networks that support day-to-day operations across the automotive and hospitality industries are being continually pressed to evolve in the face of new needs. Connectivity between branches and locations needs to be seamless, communications between teams must be uninterrupted — and for hotels, optimized internet is now vital as the fourth utility. On the customer service side, being accessible and available for inquiries is a must, and delivering exceptional care means always being able to answer customer questions and remain in touch.

For hotels and hospitality businesses, delivering robust internet is absolutely vital for keeping customers happy, as they expect to always be able to accomplish whatever online tasks are needed at a moment’s notice. For dealerships, being able to field calls anywhere without missing a beat is key to closing deals and making customers feel cared for — and old phone systems can’t meet those needs. Not to mention, as footprints grow and new business locations are added, being able to reach any and all team members despite distance is no longer a “nice to have” — it’s a necessity.

So, what are organizations in the automotive or hospitality industry to do? It’s simple: Leverage a combined, dynamic duo of solutions that together completely revolutionize connectivity and communications: DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) and cloud-hosted voice.

DIA is the ultimate solution for industries like these where customer service needs are paramount, as it keeps connectivity fast and reliable. Gone are the days of being victimized by congestion or network interruptions from shared connections — instead, internet access is always delivering its very best to you and your customers.

How Voice and Internet Make Exceptional Experiences Easy

Horizon’s DIA helps teams increase their productivity with quick uploads and downloads, keeping key resources and files always right at your team’s fingertips — an advantage in any business situation. Plus, with Horizon’s resilient network — built with ringed technology for redundancy — businesses get the highest levels of reliability with dependable speeds (all backed by Service Level Agreements). Less jitter and lag means better business outcomes — and happier customers. Plus, DIA can be connected to multiple sites, which keeps networks of dealerships or manufacturing locations easily connected with room to add more.

At the same time, hosted voice is a true game-changer for reinventing how businesses communicate both internally and externally. Horizon’s Voice Connect solution provides HD Voice quality — plus enhanced reliability and mobility. With the cloud, communications are scalable and dynamic for growth, and the old, costly hardware options are a thing of the past. Instead of worrying about hardware updates, the cloud does all the work for your teams, enabling you to simply leverage feature-rich communications without the internal disruptions, additional costs or excessive time to deployment. Not to mention, cloud voice helps communications move beyond the desk to help your team remain always in touch, so customers (and internal teams) can always feel supported and connected.

These two solutions together present a quantum leap in agility, efficiency, reliability and more, meaning they’re perfect for demanding, rapidly evolving industries and are ideally suited for use cases across the automotive and hospitality industries.

If you’re interested in boosting your productivity and business outcomes, contact us here to request a quote and chat about your requirements.


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