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Is Remote Work Affecting Your Network?

A surge in internet use is happening all across the world because people are using streaming services for entertainment in the home, but also because more employees are working remote from home, tapping into the business network from their home offices. COVID-19 is influencing how we work, live and play — and that has an impact on business networks.

Keeping work secure

Company devices need to be kept secure at all times. If you issue a business-owned and administered computer, or any other equipment to an employee working remote, that laptop, desktop computer or tablet must have full-disk encryption so that your data is not accessible to anyone else.

You may also require employees to install approved security software, which prevents viruses and routinely scans for vulnerabilities. A home monitoring app for their home networks may also be a good idea.

Setting up company network access

While your employees may be able to access your business’ internal data via the cloud and share documents and other assets via applications and collaborative tools, such as Google Docs or SharePoint, you may have — or need — a system that allows remote employees to access remote data in your network.

To accomplish this, you do need a security protocol, but also very reliable, stable and fast bandwidth using fiber optics. With so many people accessing data from servers and a network that may be far from the source, your employee’s productivity and connectedness can be impacted if your company’s internet bandwidth isn’t scaled to your needs.

A solid technical infrastructure is key to supporting applications, communications tools like videoconferencing and collaborative productivity software. Look at options, such as remote desktop access, virtual private networks and enterprise networks.


Learn more about how to scale your business’ internet and network, and adapt your system for the changes COVID-19 has brought to home and work life. Horizon makes business personal by taking the time to understand your business’ needs, including setting up robust fiber connections, so your employees can work productively and easily wherever they are. Contact a Horizon representative, who will tailor a plan that will help your business do business.

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