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ISE Magazine: ICT Visionaries 2021 features Horizon’s Tammy Perry

Innovation and its Visionary Leaders: Horizon’s Tammy Perry Weighs In

There is much to explore and solve in our rapidly evolving world of communications. With every new challenge comes new opportunity, and with every question come disruptive answers that propel the industry and its users forward. At the helm are a group of visionaries whose insight guides the development of our most exciting technologies and applications. At Horizon, we’re proud to say that our own Tammy Perry, Director of Service Delivery, is among those visionaries as presented in the latest issue of ISE Magazine.

This issue explores a number of salient issues in today’s network landscape, including SD-WAN, fiber, virtual healthcare, the intelligent edge and beyond — all of which will play a pivotal role in tomorrow’s IT development. As a proven team leader and industry insider, Perry delivers some important thought leadership about the industry’s most notable shifts.

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New in Networking: What You Need to Know

Since emerging onto the scene, SD-WAN has continued to be a mainstay in networking conversations. As Perry notes, however, it might be the trendy new solution — but it does not come without its own set of challenges for providers to solve. SD-WAN won’t replace the carrier network, and service providers will still design, engineer, build and splice networks much like they do today. SD-WAN brings a new level of intelligence to networks, but it won’t replace the quality and bandwidth capability of existing underlying networks.

On the fiber front, the mission to build more and to a greater number of locations holds strong. A global pandemic has starkly highlighted the need for more capacity and greater geographic coverage, and remote work environments are placing more demand on networks than ever before. Fiber-to-the-Home and high-bandwidth pipes will be king in years to come as they are today, which means providers need to be ready for that continued push.

From an investment perspective, to meet new demands for more bandwidth, more reliability and greater coverage, wireless carriers will need to continue to accelerate their spend in both radio and fiber infrastructure. In a competitive market, failing to invest might mean falling behind entirely. Here’s the key, though: when it comes time to expand fronthaul and backhaul, carriers need a partner that can provide.

It’s for these reasons that, as a fiber optic broadband service provider, Horizon remains ready to meet evolving requirements by continuously expanding its footprint and service capability. At Horizon, we know that the landscape of communications is on the move — it’s why our mission is to deliver the fiber capabilities our customers need with the service excellence they want. Whether it’s ethernet, internet, hosted voice or dark fiber, we’re a partner that’s with customers every step of the way.

To view this issue of ISE Magazine in its entirety, please click here.

To learn more about Horizon’s service capability near you, click here to view our network map.

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