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Local Ohio Parks Offer Enhanced Connectivity to Communities with Horizon Fiber

Horizon Wins – September 2023 – Today, Horizon is thrilled to announce that it is helping to expand the connectivity services provided throughout a host of rural, local Ohio parks with robust, dedicated fiber-optic networking solutions.

As a community asset to be enjoyed by a host of families, groups, individuals and more, parks deliver an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. However, these locations still require the same connectivity as any other services provided in our digital era. Since communication is key to safety in Ohio parks, networking is needed to ensure park officers, campers and families can stay in touch no matter where they are located. Not to mention, in a world where few people like to truly be off the grid, having the ability to access online resources adds to park experiences.

To date, wireless service across Ohio parks has been spotty at times or wholly unavailable in the most rural park settings, so it was clear that dedicated fiber was needed to support the next phase of recreational experience.

Horizon was chosen to deliver networking solutions due to its reputation as a dedicated community partner and history of strong customer relationships, as well as its fiber was conveniently close to the Ohio parks, making installation and deployment easy. Today, four park locations are enjoying enhanced connectivity with 100Mbps DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) service. With this solution in place, the parks and their visitors leverage reliable, high-speed, high-capacity and stable internet connectivity for all their needs.

“At Horizon, we talk a lot about providing life-changing services to support telemedicine, remote education and other opportunities — but in truth, enjoying life through parks and recreation is just another way that a community’s quality of life is supported. Achieving robust connectivity in these locations is key for creating enriching experiences for community members, and we’re very proud to be the team that helps accomplish this on behalf of our local communities and Ohio parks,” states Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon.

To learn more about Horizon’s DIA services, click here.


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