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Luxury Apartment Community Leverages Horizon DIA to Deliver Seamless ‘Fourth Utility’ Connectivity

Horizon Wins – July 2023 – Today, Horizon proudly announces that it has been selected to provide advanced Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) connection to a luxury apartment community in Dayton, Ohio. With robust, reliable, high-speed, private internet connections in place, this community is poised to deliver exceptional digital hospitality experiences for its residents.

Internet connectivity, due to its increasing levels of importance for personal, work-related and educational tasks, has become the fourth utility within living spaces — on par with gas, water and electricity. All residents demand seamless and reliable access to digital resources, and as a result, the vast majority of housing providers seek out the best possible providers and networking solution. So, when this Dayton-based luxury apartment community found that the major provider it had contracted could not deliver the proper services, it turned to Horizon’s local expertise and readily available connectivity to remedy the situation on a quick timeline.

Horizon’s DIA-capable fiber in Dayton was close to the building, and Horizon’s dedication to customer service excellence helped it deploy robust network solutions on a tight installation timeframe — as well as provide very quick quote response times and site visits to help the project succeed. This DIA solution, delivered across a 100% state-of-the-art fiber-optic network, increases flexibility, connectivity speed, reliability and security and more by delivering dedicated internet access instead of shared connectivity. Free from lag, jitter and congestion often created by concurrent fiber usage from multiple customers, this luxury apartment complex is empowered to deliver the very best of all the network must-haves. This service is also backed both by Service Level Agreements and Horizon’s local team of experts.

“Demands for the best possible digital experiences are always increasing, and DIA continues to be a powerful option for hospitality and housing customers that want residents to be well-equipped,” comments Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “This solution doesn’t just deliver the best of speed, availability and reliability — it offers peace of mind for both the user and the business, reassuring them that this fourth utility will always deliver optimal experiences.”

To learn more about Horizon’s DIA services, click here.


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