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Meet Your Horizon Team: Randy Tate, Regional Sales Manager – Dayton

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At Horizon, our team and the customer care they deliver are what set us apart. As a trusted networking and fiber partner throughout the Midwest, it’s our people that allow us to deliver on our commitments of local expertise and exceptional results. We want to introduce you to some of the folks that make your IT transformations possible.

Meet Randy Tate, Regional Sales Manager (and Dayton native) brings more than 20 years of experience in managing people and business outcomes to Horizon, delivering key insights from his tenure in the IT service and provider industry. When it comes to his dedicated work at Horizon, Randy says it best: “At Horizon, your business is our business. When you partner with us, you receive unmatched fiber technology that doesn’t just answer today’s needs – it answers tomorrow’s as well.” Equipped with extensive experience and the know-how to meet any demand, he certainly delivers on that promise.

We recently caught up with Randy to chat about himself, his job, what’s to come — and more.


Can you tell us a bit more about your role at Horizon?

Randy Tate (RT): I manage the Horizon team of sales consultants responsible for covering and representing Horizon in the Dayton and Cincinnati markets. My team helps companies design and implement digital transformation solutions that enhance their business practices to save time and manpower while improving their bottom-line revenue stream. (Here’s a tip: Just last year, Horizon launched new fiber in Dayton to help empower these initiatives — details here.)


What do you most enjoy about your day-to-day duties?

RT: One of my greatest joys in working at Horizon is engaging with customers and helping them enhance and deliver upon their business objectives in serving our local communities. I find it very fulfilling to help a business deliver an excellent experience to their customers and employees, and it’s wonderful to see the subsequent opportunities that can be found with renewed or expanded IT capabilities.


Are there any recent exciting projects at Horizon that you can tell readers about?

RT: Recently we helped a healthcare organization design a fiber and cloud network that would allow their employees in each of their multiple locations to access their cloud applications without the latency and issues they had been experiencing and thus offer a more productive environment for their employees which translates into a greatly improved experience for their customers.


Tell us what you like to do in your free time.

RT: For activity, I enjoy hiking in great outdoor venues. For entertainment, I love sporting events, the performing arts, and concerts. For educational activities, I like reading and following great thinkers in various media and in literature. For social interaction, I enjoy meeting with friends and engaging in fruitful and spiritual conversation or even playing games.


To learn more about how the Horizon team can support your business transformation and help boost your business capabilities, click here.


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