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Mindfulness Nonprofit Unlocks New Training and Service Potential with Enhanced Dedicated Internet Access

Horizon Wins – May 2023 – Horizon is proud to share that a local Ohio nonprofit focusing on teaching mindfulness and emotional learning has selected Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) to support the growth and advancement of its training. With 100Mbps of DIA for a term of three years, the nonprofit is now ready to augment its operations with robust internet connectivity, added security, speed and reliability.

This mindfulness-focused nonprofit is dedicated to teaching students and educators attention control, self-awareness and emotion regulation. As the organization grew and the message of mindfulness began to spread, they soon wanted to amplify their ability to teach their methods with video-based training. Unfortunately, their existing connectivity wasn’t robust enough to support these requirements, and low upload speeds kept them bogged down.

To remedy this situation, the nonprofit chose Horizon’s highly reliable, high-speed and secure DIA connections. As a private link to the internet, this DIA doesn’t suffer from inconsistencies or lagging speeds due to other organizations’ usage, so mindfulness and emotional learning training can stay on track for the betterment of schools, businesses and communities.

“We’re always thrilled to support unique and important causes like this one, and we’re proud to be supporting this effort to share the value of mindfulness with teachers and students alike,” comments Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “With powerful connectivity comes a powerful ability to grow and support any new initiative desired, and we’re eager to see how this nonprofit puts our advanced DIA to work for its team and its community.”

To learn more about Horizon’s DIA solution, click here.


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