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National Inspection Corporation Combines DIA and Voice Connect Solutions for Reliable Service to Local Government Agencies

Horizon Wins – January 2024 – Horizon is pleased to announce that National Inspection Corporation, a code enforcement service provider for local governments based in Dayton, OH, has signed on for 60 months of 200 Mbps Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Voice Connect services. Pairing up these two services over Horizon’s fiber network will provide reliable, high-quality connections for serving government code enforcement needs across the area.

National Inspection Corporation prides itself on providing prompt, reliable, cost-effective and citizen-friendly services for local governments. Desiring reliable service for itself, National Inspection Corporation sought a new service provider for internet and phone solutions to replace its previous coaxial cable service from one provider and VoIP solution from another provider. Additionally, National Inspection Corporation values doing business with local Ohio businesses that can serve their clients with a personal touch.

Horizon, in addition to its local presence and personal commitment to its customers, was able to tailor a solution for National Inspection Corporation that offers highly reliable, symmetrical, dedicated fiber internet access with Voice Connect services and hardware options that fit their specific needs. Now, with the services, hardware and dedicated support that it needs, National Inspection Corporation is able to confidently carry out its mission and support code inspection and enforcement for Ohio communities.

“National Inspection, much like Horizon, values reliability as a core tenant of serving customers,” notes Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “Combining DIA and Voice with friendly and committed support services is the perfect move for businesses that serve critical community functions.”

Check out our blog to learn more about how Voice Connect and DIA pair for the ultimate business results.


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