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Network Diversity 101

As a business owner or manager, you have a lot to keep track of: people to communicate with and data to keep safe and secure. Your company’s financials, plans and records, programs and applications — much of that information is kept on a network, which is a telecommunications system that allows your computers and devices to exchange data.

A business cannot afford network failure, especially if it is one on which people depend. Think about a governmental organization or a hospital that keeps patients’ vital records at the ready. You’ll need to make sure your network has redundancy and diversity. But what is “network diversity” and how can you avoid network failure?


Network diversity 101

There are two different phrases you might have heard: “network redundancy” and “network diversity.” But what do they mean?

Simply put, redundancy is having two different, independent ways to connect to the internet. This means using two different companies and sources for your network. Network diversity is having two internet connections that do not share any common points while still routing between the same locations.

Many companies seek redundancy by using different providers to supply internet networks, but that doesn’t guarantee diversity.


Why your company needs network diversity

Let’s face it, we rely on the internet for just about everything now. And when the internet is down, so is your business. You certainly don’t want that.

A basic principle of network diversity is that the network doesn’t share common points, but still offers backup of data and systems. It’s much more reliable and failsafe than redundancy — which means you’d use two different systems or source companies.


How to set up your system for network diversity

Having two suppliers is not always the answer to protecting your data and ensuring your systems don’t go down.

Why? Because both providers will use the same power lines or conduit; the fiber optics come from the same pole. Your best option is to have two separate access points through two separate points of presence, or POPs, which is the access point from one place to the rest of the internet.

Make sure your network is fast, secure and reliable by implementing a plan for diversifying your network with Horizon. They’ll evaluate your company’s needs and set up a system that will ensure you never lose data or have your network “go down.”


For help developing your network, you can rely on Horizon’s expertise. Contact us to request more information.

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