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Non-Profit Enhances Family and Individual Support Initiatives with Robust Underlying Networking

Horizon Wins – March 2023 – Horizon is proud to share that a Virginia-based non-profit dedicated to helping both individuals and families experiencing homelessness transition into stable and independent futures has selected Horizon DIA to deliver robust connectivity on a 60-month agreement. Horizon’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) keeps the non-profit’s operations and communications seamless, secure and reliable.

When this non-profit moved locations into a new building, they needed to ensure that they would have proper foundational connectivity in place to support their day-to-day initiatives. Fortunately, the building’s current occupant had been using Horizon’s networking services and recommended that the non-profit continue with the solutions already in place. Since the building was already lit on the Horizon network, the non-profit was able to immediately start up an agreement and seamlessly leverage high-performance, state-of-the-art networking to support its work on behalf of those it serves.

With robust DIA networking in place, the non-profit’s communications and connectivity needs can be easily and reliably met with stable, high-capacity networking that is not subject to the congestion or latency issues that shared networking can be. With a dedicated connection, the non-profit can operate with the speed, quality, and availability it needs to deliver exceptional care to in-need individuals and families.

“DIA is specifically designed to keep organizations agile, stable and richly connected. These are the requirements of successful businesses, and when we’re talking about the compassionate care and life-changing services delivered by this non-profit in particular, it’s clear that leveraging the right connectivity is paramount,” states Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “We’re truly honored to help this non-profit as it seeks to better the lives of those in its community, and we’re grateful to be a network partner of choice that keeps them reliably connected.”

To learn more about Horizon DIA service, click here.


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